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Affordable Must Have Bathing Suits This Summer

The hunt is on when it's time to hit the beach or just simply get that nice tan on. Stores are usually packed around this time and finding bathing suits that fit your style becomes harder and harder. Online shopping makes it convenient and quick. No worries, arm up your style with these super cute and affordable bathing suits.

V-neck bathing suit

Bathing Suit available on She In

This V-neck style bathing suit is great for those who love to show a little cleavage giving off a sexy look while keeping it simple with a solid color.

High Waist 2 Piece

Ruffle top Leaf print bikini set on left is from $13.00 and right is $12.00 from

This option is simple and cute. Not only does a 2 piece high waist bathing suit give you coverage, but these also emphasize your beautiful curves. One thing I like about high waist bottoms is that you can comfortably romp around the beach without the worry of having your bottoms slip off.


A tankini set is probably the most comfortable swim option on the market. Not only are they comfortable, but they're cute and look great on all body types. They're easy to pair up with any bottoms: shorts, bikini bottoms, you name it. You can find these on

Freya Sundance Bathing Suit

For all my big breasted Ladies; we did not forget about you. We know the struggle of finding a good bikini top and this one is perfect! It can be matched with any type of bottom: swim skirts, swim shorts, bikini bottoms and even bikini thong if you prefer. The cool thing about this bikini top is that it's in every bra size, making it easy to find your perfect fit; providing underwire and adjustable straps.

Bandeau Bikini

Another easy to slip on bikini is the Bandeau Bikini. This is actually a body hugging fabric, comfortable but revealing as well to get your tan on without leaving harsh tan lines unlike other bathing suits. These provide padding and could be worn under your clothing, that's how comfortable this bikini is.


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