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All You Need to Know about New Moon in Leo

July has been quite a challenging month, especially with Mercury in a retrograde since July 7th. Despite what the retrograde brought and took with it, the end of the retrograde welcomes the powerful new Moon in Leo!

This eclipse is not just merely a new moon but also a supermoon and a black moon occurring July 31st at 11:11 EST to August 1st. You may ask yourself what does all of this mean anyway?

New Moon? Supermoon? Black Moon!?

To simplify all of the astronomy jargon; a new moon is when the Sun and the Moon are in alignment. The period during a New Moon is a great time to set intentions, plan, refocus, and align wants and needs for upcoming months.

A Black Moon is commonly known to occur when there are two new months within one calendar month, and these usually happen every 30 months.

A Supermoon is when the Moon is in direct alignment with the Sun at its closest point to Earth due to Earth's rotation. Usually, the Moon looks more massive than usual, but this won't be visible during the New Moon.

Unlike regular new moons, this triad will yield intense energy that will be released within the next two months. Not only will it affect highly energy-sensitive individuals, but the Moon's energy may have an effect on Mother Nature affecting ocean tides and resulting in natural disasters such as earthquakes and landslides.

What Does A New Moon in Leo Mean?

When you think of the Leo zodiac, traits such as warm, caring, loyal, bold, exciting, creative, generous, and even expressive may come to mind. Also, one typical quality that has its pros and cons that is commonly associated with Leo, is pride. In regards to the new Moon, embracing pride is essential on this new journey. The new Moon in Leo is all about taking pride in who you are as an individual, and unapologetically showing the world who you are. This new Moon is a perfect time to incorporate the self-expressive and creative traits the Leo energy is gifting to everyone. The Leo New Moon is an ideal time to draw in the positive energies of the sign by:

  1. Recommitting yourself to plans related to hobbies, romance, dating, self-love activities, and recreational activities.

  2. Allowing yourself to communicate more with your heart in a loving manner while avoiding talking from a detached place. After all, Leos communicate openly about how they feel, and that's ok.

  3. Rediscovering and uncover your personal powers and allow your creative juices to flow.

  4. Committing to loving unapologetically, whether a person, project, or even a hobby. Love openly and enjoy whatever or whomever.

  5. Letting out your inner child!

  6. Being confident in who you are, no matter the time, place, or external pressures.

The Leo New Moon is focusing on one's talents, and finally being who you want to be and not what people expect you to be. It is about honoring who you are and living authentically in your truth and finally putting away any façade that once existed. Leo's are ambitious and passionate lions full of courage, even when the going gets tough. Although individuals with Leos in their chart will feel all the transformative energy the New Moon has to bring the most, it still will ultimately affect everyone!

Ways to Embrace the New Moon

  1. Set your intentions for the upcoming months.

  2. Write down your goals and plans to begin planting the seeds.

  3. Meditate and visualize what you want to accomplish in the next few months.

  4. Burn some incense and candles to cleanse your mind, body, spirit, and space.

  5. Do some cleaning to clear out the old energy.

  6. Practice mindfulness.

Just remember, even if you do not get a chance to do these things during the New Moon you can incorporate these things and make positive additions to your daily life.


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