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Billie [Eilish] In The City

If you went for a drive in downtown Atlanta on the night of June 23rd, you might have seen an influx of traffic; even more so than the crowded city’s usual holdup. Take the time to listen to your surroundings, and the shrieks and chatter of over 7,000 excited Billie Eilish fans begin to fill every available space your car has to offer.

State Bank Amphitheatre at Chastain Park hosted the 17th stop on Eilish’s When We All Fall Asleep Tour. The tour’s opener, and Loma Vista recording artist, Denzel Curry, made sure the night got off to a great start. His fiery energy and love for the crowd made him the focal point for the evening, both literally and figuratively.

The artist jumped himself into the center of the audience seated in the pit, several times. Fans surrounded the rapper as he encouraged them to bounce and sing-along to his song “Goodnight”. Twelve’Len also joined him for a performance. “SIRENS” was a high point for Curry as he explained that Eilish played a part in the creation of the track. “Make some noise for Billie and family,” he said, “This [song] is special because Billie helped me with this song.”

He also performed “Clout Cobain”. The highest energy of the night came during the song “Ultimate”. Curry ran through the stadium and hopped over railings and onto fan’s seats. An experience that had fans so excited ,they were left with large smiles and shaking hands.

Staff cleaned up the stage preparing for Eilish. Ariana Grande played in between breaks; Possibly, a tribute to Eilish’s love for Grande and how she handles herself on and off the stage.

In an interview by ET Online, Eilish talks about her admiration for Grande. Eilish said Grande is a King."You can just tell she knows what the f**k she's doing, and even if she doesn't realize it, she knows what the f**k she's doing. And it's really impressive," Eilish expressed. "She just deals with it so well. It's so impressive.” Eilish also shares that her and Grande are on texting terms.

The first song played was “Bad Guy”. The fifth single from Eilish’s album and her highest charting single to date. The visuals were phenomenal. Eerie sounds oozed from the speakers of the stadium as a dark, animated silhouette of Billie appeared on the screen. It was encircled by bright flashing yellow lights. Eilish suddenly appeared on stage; standing stagnant. The staccato beat dropped, and Eillish began bouncing all across the stage as if she were dancing in her room. Fans join in by free-spirited dance and belted lyrics.


She’s dressed in an all grey, matching sweatshort suit, oversized neon tee, and neon air force 1’s. She removes her sweatshirt completely before the fourth song of the night, “idontwannabeyouanymore”. A song that tells the story of how we aren’t always okay with being ourselves, but we’re all we have.


In “When I Was Older”, there is an underwater visual. The graphic covers the walls and stage as Eilish lies flat on her back crooning the audience with the soft tune. Other highlights of the night include: “Bitches Broken Hearts”, “Bellyache”, and “I Love You”.


During “I Love You”, Eilish and her brother, Finneas O’Connell, are lifted away from the stage on a bed; a tribute to how the song was birthed. “So this is my brother Finneas..,” Eilish begins, “We wrote this song in my bedroom, so we wanted to perform this song exactly how we wrote it.”


Before the night is over, Eilish takes the time to thank her brother who helps write and produce all her music, her team, her fans, and her energetic opener, Denzel Curry. The lights fade and concertgoers exit the venue as Eilish and Curry playfully engage in a game of ninja on stage.



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