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Essentials for Music Festivals

Flowers are blooming, and pollen is literally everywhere, which are two obvious indicators of the spring season. But the only season that I am thinking about is festival season! Finally, the time is here is for all of the bomb line up announcements and for unforgettable memories at music festivals. While festivals can seem like all fun and games, it is still smart to plan ahead. Most festivals are two to three days of dancing in the hot sun and last throughout the night, which is why I’m providing a list of items to bring to make sure you are prepared!

1. Hydration Bag or Fanny Pack: It is definitely necessary to bring some sort of bag to store your belongings. I recommend getting a hydration bag! It is important to stay hydrated, and most festivals provide water stations to fill up your bags. One of the best websites to purchase these bags are Not only are they cute af with different styles and colors/patterns, but they are convenient and keep you drinking water throughout the day. Also, get a discount with code LIBRA at check out! For those who would rather have a smaller bag, definitely purchase a fanny pack. Not only are there so many stylish designs and colors, they tie around your waist, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting it or having your hands full. In addition, you can avoid pick-pocketers! Check out Forever 21 or Fashion Nova for some cute fanny packs.

Hydration Bag from Vibedration (Discount code: LIBRA)

Fanny Pack from Aldo

2. Chapstick/Lip Balm: Having dry, chapped lips is the worst! Pack your favorite lip balm to make sure your lips are moisturized throughout the day. (My go-to is Burt’s Bees or even the regular brand Chapstick.)

3. Gum: You can make sure your breath is minty fresh, and even make new friends by sharing gum!

4. Portable Charger: My phone always dies at least once at a festival. Having a portable charger makes sure my phone is charged up for pictures and videos. You can find good-quality ones on Amazon!

5. Hand Sanitizer/Hand Wipes: Because of all of the dust and all of the people you will interact with, having either hand sanitizer or hand wipes will make sure you are germ-free. Packing these is extremely useful for when you eat there.

My favorite hand sanitizers are from Bath & Body Works!

6. Baby Wipes: Probably the only con about music festivals are the porta-potties. Baby wipes are a life-saver, especially when the toilet paper runs out.

7. Pop Socket: Attaching one of these to your phone will make sure that you never drop your phone! It is so helpful when you’re in the crowd, dancing or taking pictures, because they really help with holding onto your phone.

8. Eyelash Glue: This is for the boys and girls who are rocking false lashes! I always pack this, just in case my lashes lose its stickiness.

9. Hair ties/scrunchies: I have long hair, and it gets in the way when I’m dancing and is the worst in the beating sun. Sometimes, I just need to tie up my hair to get it out of my face, and the fluffy scrunchies are now in style. You can purchase some cute ones from Forever 21 or H&M for an affordable price.

10. Blotting Sheets: These are the best to help you freshen up, especially for anyone who has oily skin. They remove oils and dirty residues without removing make up. You can purchase them from brands such as Clean & Clear, NYX Cosmetics, or Fenty Beauty!

Fenty Beauty Invisimatte Blotting Paper

Last but not least, I can’t forget to bring GLITTER! I want to stay glowing and sparkly throughout! So, Pulp fam, what festivals will you be attending this year, and what else do you think is an essential?

Shaky Beats 2018 - Photo taken by @dvphotovideo on Instagram


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