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Get Your Car Vacation Trip Ready

7 Step to Getting Your Vehicle Road Ready

Relaxing on the beach, eating different foods and enjoying free time is what most people look forward to on their summer vacation. It's imperative to pack vacay essentials, but the real question is “Is my car ready for vacation too?”

Remember that vacations are short and sweet; vehicle problems shouldn’t be apart of the plan. Here are 7 Steps to help your car run smoothly for vacation.

1.Pack an Emergency Kit

Before you head out, pack an emergency kit or bag. This bag needs to contain helpful items to keep you safe in case of any vehicle emergency. I personally call mine a bug out bag. This step also includes beginning your trip with a car, inside and out.

Your Kit should include:

-Jumper Cables or Car Battery Charger

-Jack and Spare Tire

-Flares or Reflective Cone


-Small Tool Kit


-Blanket or Poncho

-Water and small snacks

-Cell Phone Charger

They also sell premade emergency kits on amazon and ebay.

2.Check Your Tires

We all know, your tires are what connects to pavement and keeps you on the move. All tires need to be balanced with air pressure. The number marked on the tire is the maximum pressure that the tire can contain. In order to get the perfect amount of air, use a gage ( grab from parts store or Walmart) and an air hose (local gas station). You definitely want to use the proper tool because too much or too little pressure can cause major issues. Having the proper tire pressure prevents overinflation and insures a smooth and comfortable ride as you travel. You can refer to your owners manual for the exact amount of air recommended for your vehicle per tire.

Also check your tires condition to be sure they will last your entire road trip.

Don't forget to check your spare tire. It's usually located under your trunk lining or under the rear area of your car.

3.Check Fluids - Check your fluid levels

Most cars run off different types of fluids that are transported throughout the vehicle to make it run smoothly. These fluids include but are not limited to engine oil, coolant , brake fluid and even windshield wiper fluid. If you don't know to check your fluids , ask someone you may know that is really passionate about their car to help. If you don't know anyone, go to your local express lube or dealership and they can get you on the right track to getting all your fluids topped off.

4. Check Lights and Signals

Communication is key, right? Your outside vehicle lighting is the way we communicate with other vehicles on the road. Making sure your turn signals and brake lights are working properly is a commonly overlooked step. Most states require them to be working to avoid accidents. Grab that same passionate car friend and ask them to sit inside the vehicle while you stand outside to make sure your lights are functioning properly. Before you head out, picking up spare bulbs wouldn’t be a bad idea.

5. Plan Your Route

Planning your route and stops is crucial. No matter how many miles your destination will be, your overall safety is important. Good rule of thumb; Never let your gas tank get to ½ empty. Plan out a budget for trying new meals on the way to your destination. Be sure to pay attention to all road signs and speed limits. Some cars have advanced navigation built into the cars brains that will help with maintaining these things while your hands are still on the wheel. Most people will use GPS based services on their cellphones. Try to avoid distracted driving. Practice safety first.

Remember this is a VACATION. You have worked so hard to get to this moment and nothing should stop you from having the time of your life. Following these steps will count towards your remarkable vacation. Take care of your car and it will take care of you.

Be safe, my friends. Your journey awaits.


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