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Keeping Your Hair Damage Free This Summer

Summer is almost here; so that means pool parties and taking trips to the beach with your family and friends. It's all fun and games until you realize your hair is getting dry and damaged due to the heat from the sun beaming towards your head and the chlorine from the pool stripping away the moisture from your hair. Here are some tips and tricks I have and want to share with you guys on how to keep your hair from getting fried this summer.

Tip #1

Before going to the pool or beach, apply a hair mask to your hair and keep it on. This will lock in moisture for your hair while you're out in the sun tanning also protecting it from the chlorine in the pool. Personally, I love using coconut oil for this. 

Tip #2

Stay away from your heating tools, I can not stress this enough. Instead of straightening your hair every day, try out some hairstyles that don't include you using heat on your hair.  One trick I love doing is putting my hair into two braids and leaving it overnight so the next day I have nice curls. 

Tip #3

Try out microfiber towels, using regular cloth towels can create frizz and cause damage to your hair. Since our hair is a bit more sensitive when it's wet we want to avoid cloth towels. Another great tip is when washing your hair with shampoo, try to just concentrate the product to your roots and scalp. When using conditioner focus more towards the ends of your hair and let the conditioner sit on your hair for 3-5min to lock in moisture. 

Tip #4

We all want long luscious hair, one thing I do every night before going to sleep and first thing in the morning when waking up is I massage my scalp with the top of my head facing the ground. This will stimulate hair growth since blood is flowing to your roots. 

Tip #5

Maintaining good nutrition won't only give you amazing results for our hair but it is will give you great results for your skin, nails, immune system, etc.. we have to remember to take care of the inside just like we would on the outside. Here are some foods to eat to keep your hair looking alive, long and thick. 

- Eggs

- Sweet Potatoes 

- Spinach 

- Greek yogurt 

- Almonds 

- Avocado 

Tip #6

WATER, we all know drinking water has so many beneficial factors to it. But most of the time we forget to drink enough water. I usually try to drink a gallon of water every day, if not then I drink about 8-10 water bottles a day, I've been seeing my hair grow rapidly since I started drinking water.  

Tip #7

If you know you're going to be out in the sun for hours and hours, wrap your hair in a scarf. This will protect it from the sun rays. You could do this while having your hair mask on. 

Tip #8

If you don't feel comfortable walking around the beach or pool with a hair mask on, I would recommend doing a hair mask the night before or an hour or two before going out also do one once you get back home. 


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