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LESS IS MORE : Guide to a Minimalistic Home

Do you ever go on Pinterest and come across a picture of a perfect living room and you can't help but think “wow, that looks easy enough I can definitely recreate that!" and then you find yourself blanking when you finally make it to the store? This happens to all of us, but if the look you're going for is the minimalist one, then look no more. I will show you how to get the Pinterest perfect minimalist room you have been wanting.

styled by: Sofie Ganeva and picture taken by: Anna Malmberg

Lets start off with the color palette. For the perfect cozy minimalist room you will have to avoid cool colors and aim for more warmer and muted tones. Burnt red, muted browns, golden yellows, and natural elements such as wood are great options. Considering that we want this room to look as clean and open as possible white is probably one of the better options for a base. Natural lights are a minimalist's best friend and an open floor plan is the cherry on top. Mix this with the muted colors and a white canvas and you're all set. Just so we are on the same page. Warm muted colors, clean space, open floor plan, and natural lighting! Remember you want this area to look welcoming and not too staged.

Its easy to want to stick to plain when thinking minimalist, but you don't have to! Minimalists can be fun too! Honestly, mix and match prints, tones, and textures. Just don't go too crazy with it or you run the risk of looking like a hot mess. Pick a color scheme you like and build around that; kind of like a guide.  Mixing and matching will actually make your room look more put together, as if you knew what you were doing so go for that leather couch or better yet go for that golden yellow velvet one you love so much. Don't be afraid.

by Fantastic Frank

The purpose for a minimalist room is to have as little as possible so you're going to want to look for functionality. Multi-use if you will. Ottomans and shelves. I love me a good shelf. They work so well for so many things. Don't know where to put that old mug your aunt brought you back from Chicago? Shelf. Oh, you lost your camera bag and don't want to put it anywhere where it can get damaged? Shelf. You bought yourself a pack of delicious chocolates, but forgot you were on a diet? Shelf them for later! Multipurpose people. However less is better when it comes to living in a minimalist environment so the point is not to hide your stuff, but to only keep only what is necessary. Having only the essential doesn't have to be boring. If you're like me and don’t like a room to look like you just moved in then art on the walls is the way to go. Still thinking minimal while looking for art work is tricky because you can quickly get overwhelmed by the large amount of amazing art, but simplicity is key. A canvas of a single color, linear Artwork, and Textography are simple things you can hang on your walls to make the space feel more put together with out it being too dramatic.

by : Mikael Axelsson and styled by : Katia Thoger

Now, when it comes to actual furniture you want to lean more towards smaller and thinner objects. Your space needs to feel as clean and open as possible with the same functionality as any other room. So a lower bed with a slimmer frame will give the illusion of a more open space as apposed to a more bulky bed that takes up most of the room. People tend to think that Minimalism is the same as mid-centry modern and while this is not true you can definitely combine them.

I find that the most relaxing environment is one of a minimalist household. Honestly, the idea behind a minimalist environment is so calming. Being surrounded only by what you need and nothing more. Clean and fresh. Decluttered and stress free.

“The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.” —Hans Hofmann


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