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Mulan gets slammed

With the recent events taking place in China and its residing Uyghur Muslims, it would be very controversial if a certain Disney movie…would film where the internment camps for the Uyghur Muslims are being held. 

Mulan is a very loved movie amongst our younger generation and one of the firsts to bring representation from Asia into Disney’s franchise. In recent events, the live-action movie has been released for about a week or so and since then, the movie has raised much controversy.

The trendiest controversy has been against the filming of a scene in Xinjiang, the place where mass torture of Muslims is being held. And if you didn’t know (in case you like to live news-free), Muslims are being tortured and killed in Chinese internment-camps. From forcing Mulsims to chant anti-Islamic chants to forcing sterilization on women, the extent of human torture is endless. On media, they are portrayed as very happy, as if they are recovering in a rehabilitation center while picking flowers from the garden. It is truly gruesome, and the death count has now exceeded the holocaust. 

Here is a picture of the Muslims blindfolded at the camps.

Members of congress have now demanded answers, yet Disney refuses to release a statement.

The second (slightly less important) controversy surrounding the new live-action Mulan is the high price-point set to be able to watch it. People not only need to have a Disney+ account, but also pay $30 USD to watch it. 

Would you watch Mulan considering all of these aspects?


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