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MyPillow’s Mike Lindell Outrages Mainstream Media After Shifting Company Focus to Mask Manufacturing

A hysteria resulted after CEO of MyPillow, Mike Lindell, announced his company would be making masks for healthcare workers to help protect them from coronavirus.

As the company name would suggest, MyPillow has manufactured pillows and similar products in the past. MyPillow promises the most comfortable pillows a person will ever own.

However, as a result of the coronavirus and the lack of available masks for healthcare workers, Lindell’s company will produce masks. He announced that he expects his company to produce over 50,000 masks for hospital workers in dire need of them.

He drew heat from mainstream media and many citizens who opposed President Trump as Lindell expressed admiration for the president’s work during his time as president in a coronavirus press briefing this past week.

In addition, Lindell cited his Christian beliefs when he said that the country had turned its back on God and that God was removed from schools. This was not favorable to many as they feel it is a violation of church and state. While this would be an inaccurate assumption, it is clear that people were upset that Lindell brought up God in his speech.

MyPillow, in addition to a few others, will be producing materials desperately needed by hospitals and healthcare workers. This should be viewed as an objectifiable positive for the United States as it allows patients with COVID-19 to be treated in a safe manner. Of course, everyone cannot be pleased. According to mainstream media, anyone who favors the president is a bad person, regardless of how much their company is helping the country as a whole.

Regardless of one’s views of the president, Lindell, or billionaire CEOs, the country is now able to battle the virus while protecting the workers on the front lines. As a result, healthcare workers are able to feel more comfortable while doing their job to save the infected.


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