Please don't be too hard on yourself - the world isn't ending... think of it more as a Transition

With so much change occurring at this time it's easy to get down on yourself and fall into the mindset trap of victimization. Now, before you stone me for insinuating that there are no victims in 2020 or the years to come, hear me out - this is my personal opinion after all.

To be a victim in some shape or form today is often inevitable - of course there are victims of cancer in a cancer inducing society, or victims of car crashes when we have cars + human error, and so forth. But to embrace and embody this mindset is to fall into a victimization trap, by believing that you have no control over your circumstances. The likelihood of you feeling as if you have no control is because you don't understand how much personal power you truly have. Let’s talk about the cancer example. In a world filled with cancerous food, polluted air, and contaminated water, there will be victims of cancer - but the knowledge of the cancer causing agents will empower some to not fall into the trap. And those who do this will free themselves from a state of victimhood by taking control of their internal environment via what they put in their body. However, this only comes from the right knowledge, elsewise you will be a victim (2b) because you have been tricked into trusting a false narrative that serves to harm you in the long run.

So, let’s put this into context: 2021

This is a new year with new opportunities and new hurdles to leap so that we can make bounds in progress within each of our individual journeys. You don't need me to tell you how chaotic the external environment is, as cable news, social media, and the people within your life have no problem informing you of the chaos within this world. But I'll let you in on not such a little secret - your external environment governs your internal and vice versa - AKA, you get out what you put in. So if you’re feeling down, depressed, and beating yourself up during these times, ask yourself what you’re putting in your system (what you see, hear, read, eat ect.) to make you feel this way, because I’d guarantee it's not by chance. This doesn't mean to blame yourself. In fact, it’s the opposite. It’s to empower yourself to feed your mind and body with things that will reflect positively in your external environment.

 Ralph Smart, a psychologist, criminologist, spiritual advisor, and best selling author warns us of the future to come, along with words of hope for humanity and the opportunity to mentally free ourselvs so that we do not fall under societal entrapment
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I could get all metaphysical and stress the importance of BEING what you want to attract, but in simple terms it comes down to this: You have complete control of you - your feelings, actions, and external environment (believe it or not). There's a science to this that is little known, but surely coming to light. The moment you forget this, is the moment you allow outside forces to govern how you fee, how you act, and the outcome of your external environment. You are not a victim of life, so take control of your internal world in order to reflect that change to the external world. Take back your personal power to control your life and see how this ripples into the new world to come. Because in my Humble opinion, the future won’t be dependent on what the masses are told they can do, but what they know they can.