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Sueños Music Festival 2023 Superlatives

One of the most highly anticipated festivals of the year returned Memorial Day weekend to Chicago. The city, known for its vibrant arts and culture scene, awakened for two days of Latin American beats and rhythm that transcended a number of musical boundaries.

As the Sueños music festival gates swung open, a symphony of diversity unfolded as thousands of music enthusiasts ran across Grant Park preparing to hear their favorite artists such as Wisin Y Yandel, Feid, Grupo Firme, Nicky Jam and more. This year's festival was filled with jaw-dropping outfits, chants for encores, delicious food and electric performances. So, that begs the question... who were our top choices for each category?

Best Dressed Female Artist


Photos by : Enrique Oñate Jr.

Latin Grammy-winning singer paopao took the Sueños stage by storm, captivating the audience with her striking appearance. Easily recognizable from a distance, the Puerto Rican songwriter flaunted her iconic vibrant blue hair, tied up in high pigtails. However, it was her unforgettable emo-grunge ensemble that truly stole the show. Among the sea of fashion choices, her outfit stood out as the most memorable.

Festival-goers couldn't help but be drawn to the destroyed knit sweater she wore, boasting striped sleeves and a prominent daisy at its center. This edgy garment perfectly balanced her black, minimally tiered midi skirt, creating an eye-catching contrast. Adding to the punk-inspired aesthetic, paopao covered herself with an array of multi-layered silver necklaces and a dice choker that served as the statement piece. Her fingers were adorned with striking rings, featuring intricate designs such as crosses and triple Xs.

Completing the ensemble were her platform boots, detailed with silver accents and metal chains that wrapped around her checkerboard socks. This daring choice added the finishing touch to a look that has left a lasting impression in the minds of all who witnessed it. paopao's fashion-forward style truly embodied the spirit of individuality and artistic expression that permeated the Sueños Music Festival.

Best Dressed Male Artist

Chencho Corleone

Thousands of fans could be heard chanting "Pa' que to' el mundo vea, Lo rica que tú está" as Chencho Corleone performed his verse on "Me Porto Bonito."

Although, his performances of reggaeton classics such as "Guatauba" and "Candy" were some of the most memorable from this weekend, it was his outfit that we could also not stop thinking about.

The Puerto Rican singer-songwriter wore a matching two-piece set covered in a pattern of colorful cityscapes. He paired this outfit with Nike Terminator High Premium sneakers and a denim bucket hat.

Best Local Food Vendor

El Campeón

Some of Chicago's best Latin restaurants provided food at this year's festival.

Our honorable mention has to go to El Campeón. Their lines were long but all for the right reason. As a vegan festival-goer, finding diverse options can often times be challenging but this local Mexican restaurant provided an array of options such as vegan chicken, carne asada and al pastor. The tacos were so delicious that it could fool anybody with whether or not you are eating real meat.

It left such an impression on our taste buds that we returned on Day 2 for more.

Throughout the crowd of people eating in between sets, large pineapples filled with their iconic piña colada could be spotted. Next time, you're in Chicago definitely give this family-owned restaurant a visit. You will not regret it.

Most Anticipated Artist

Becky G

Photos by : Enrique Oñate Jr.

On Sunday, Mexican pop sensation Becky G took to the stage. Moments prior to her set thousands of fans pushed and shoved to crowd around the stage in anticipation for her performance.

The artist performed her most popular songs included "Mayores", "MAMIII", and "Sin Pijama." Fans sang along and waved their Mexican flags in celebration of their country being represented on stage.

"I feel really proud of being here," she said into the microphone. Her set ended with an emotional introduction to her performance of her hit song that started it all, "Shower." She reminded her fans to follow their dreams as she glanced across the audience with teary eyes.

Artist on the Rise

Young Miko

Photos by : Enrique Oñate Jr.

The Puerto Rican Latin trap artist's performance was one of our favorites from the entire weekend. Just in 2023 alone, Young Miko has shown a tremendous amount of growth and popularity , which makes her our "Artist on the Rise."

Female fans swooned over "Baby Miko" as she rapped hit songs like "Lisa", "Bi" and "Classy 101" into a rainbow mic. She was dressed in ripped jeans, all-wheat Air Force 1s and a Betty Boop t-shirt that read "Don't Give me Your Attitude." Her set not only made a statement for female artists in the industry but stood as a representation of visibility for LGBTQ+ artists in the music scene.

One of our favorite moments of her performance was when a fan gave her a bouquet of flowers that she rightfully deserved. As she closed her set, fans clamored for an encoure, pleading for just one additional song.

Favorite Living Legend

Ivy Queen

Photos by : Enrique Oñate Jr.

The weekend was filled with a variety of reggaeton pioneers but our favorite living legend has to go to "La Caballota", Ivy Queen.

The Puerto Rican artist truly blazed a trail for women in reggaeton. Dressed in a powerfulred lace body suit and a pepulum leather corset, she performed classics such as "Quiero Bailar" and "Que Lloren."

Her fierce and passionate presence solidified her reign as the queen of reggaeton. Our favorite diva is still a force to be reckoned with and she is here to stay.

Favorite Performances


Various shades of green dominated the festival grounds as devoted Feid fans displayed their admiration for the popular Colombian artist.

As he took the stage, vibrant bursts of green fireworks illuminated behind him as he performed crowd-favorite hit songs such as "Normal" and "Castigo." The crowd was ecstatic to sing along to "Classy 101" featuring Young Miko.

Just when fans thought that his set would conclude his appearance at Sueños, Wisin Y yandel surprised everyone by inviting him on stage to perform "Yandel 150." This unexpected collaborated created a huge excitement among the crowd.

Wisin Y Yandel

The legendary iconic duo made a comeback at this year's festival to conclude night one with a reminder of just how timeless their music is.

Fans sang and danced along as they performed classics such as "Noche de Sexo" , "El Teléfono" and "Sexy Movimiento."

Their performance was a nostalgic journey representing a testament to the lasting impact of their music and leaving festival-goers eager for Day 2.

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