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Sueños Music Festival 2024 Brings Latin Music Back to Chicago's Grant Park

Sueños Music Festival returned to Chicago’s Grant Park this Memorial Day weekend bigger and more ambitious than ever. An estimated 130,000 Latin music lovers welcomed summer to the sound of corridos, house, and perreo.

@El_Matzu | Courtesy of Sueños

Early Saturday afternoon, Miami-born Venezuelan singer-songwriter Elena Rose brought listeners to the Venezuelan Caribbean with a performance of her collaboration alongside Danny Ocean and Jerry Di, “CARACAS EN EL 2000.” The rhythmic and tropical instrumentation contrasted elegantly with her alluring voice and cool-confident demeanor while wearing a white “PROTECT KIDS NOT GUNS” body suit. Elena Rose also treated audiences to a performance of her collaboration on Young Miko’s latest album att., “no quiero pelear.” In her Sueños debut, Elena Rose proved why she deserves to be center stage, after penning hits for Becky G, Sech, Selena Gomez, and more. Elena Rose is certainly one of our artists to watch.

Latin Mafia shot by George Bermudez | IG : @okaycube

Left: Alvaro Diaz - Right: Rels B | Shot by George Bermudez | IG : @okaycube

Saturday afternoon included a diverse range of performances beginning with Mexico City-based trio of brothers, Latin Mafia. Known for their eclectic indie-house-pop-r&b-reggaetón fusion, Latin Mafia overcame sound and technical issues to deliver a performance of “Julieta” audiences won’t forget. “GATITAS SANDUNGUERAS” singer Álvaro Díaz brought the perreo of his native Puerto Rico to the Sueños stage with a powerfully dynamic and energetic set. Later in the afternoon, Spanish native Rels B electrified Grant Park with a fresh rendition of his collaboration with Eladio Carrión, “Me Gustas Natural.”

Xavi | Shot by George Bermudez | IG : @okaycube

Mexican American singer and fan-favorite Xavi made an immeasurable impression in his Sueños debut. His performances of “La Victima” and “La Diabla” displayed vocal and instrumental mastery (shout out to his band!) and certainly gained the admiration of thousands of new fans. His rose-worthy set demonstrated an artistic maturity well beyond the young vocalist's years. Xavi’s performance is sure to go down in Sueños history.

Left: Bizarrap - Right: Ivan Cornejo | Shot by George Bermudez | IG : @okaycube

Argentine producer and DJ Bizarrap kicked off Saturday evening with a bass-pumping set, featuring his world-famous sessions with artists such as Shakira, Villano Antillano, and Young Miko. His charismatic and energetic stage presence amassed an impressive crowd of enthusiastic house music fans. Later Saturday evening, Mexican American singer-songwriter Ivan Cornejo reigned in the crowd, bringing audiences into his delicate, heart-wrenching, somber sonic world. Cornejo floated across the Sueños stage with a mature, dignified composure that keenly matched the worn texture of the young songster’s voice. Cornejo was a welcome respite in a line-up full of high-energy acts.

Young Miko | Shot by George Bermudez | IG : @okaycube

Saturday night was full of high-caliber performances and surprises. Puerto Rico’s Young Miko returned to the Sueños stage a year after her memorable Sueños debut. Fans enjoyed her biggest hits, ranging from her breakout track “Riri,” to collaborations with Bad Bunny and Feid, to new tracks from her second studio album att. Young Miko surprised fans with a special guest appearance by Spanish singer Bad Gyal to tag-team their collaboration with Dominican rapper Tokischa “Chulo, Pt. 2.” Young Miko’s return to the Sueños stage was highly anticipated and surely did not disappoint.

Rauw Alejandro | Shot by George Bermudez | IG : @okaycube

Rauw Alejandro closed Day 1 of Sueños with a vocally and physically demanding set that featured the immense talent of the multi-hyphenate Puerto Rican performer. One of the most awaited acts of the weekend, Rauw Alejandro had audiences dancing and singing along to his critically acclaimed discography. He commanded the stage with the choreographic precision and artistic complexity audiences can expect from one of the greatest Latin music acts of our time. Later in his set, he invited multiple-time collaborator and Sueños alum Lyanno for an unforgettable medley of their several hits including “Lokera.” Rauw Alejandro left audiences wanting more, prepped and primed for a second day of festivities.

Jowell Y Randy | Shot by George Bermudez | IG : @okaycube

Day 2 of Sueños was met with unexpected climate-related roadblocks. Due to inclement weather, Sunday set times were delayed, with a few of the original acts missing altogether. However, Puerto Rican perreo veterans Jowell y Randy’s early evening performance injected Grant Park with much-needed life on a gloomy, foggy, rainy day. They cycled through hits ranging from their tenure as Casa de Leones to more recent tracks like “Perriando” and “Se Acabó la Cuarentena.” Jowell y Randy continue to demonstrate how their combined energy, charisma, and creative talents have manifested in a decades-long career.

Top : Mora - Bottom: Gabito Ballesteros | Shot by George Bermudez | IG : @okaycube

Later Sunday evening, Puerto Rico’s Mora took the stage and kept the bodies in motion with his catchy ear-worm hits, including his collaboration with Jhayco “512.” Soon after, Mexico’s Gabito Ballesteros brought swagger and passion to his performances of “El Boss” and “LADY GAGA,” including an iconic performance of “Tunechi” alongside special guest Chino Pacas.

Maluma | Shot by George Bermudez | IG : @okaycube

Colombia’s Maluma lit up the Sueños stage Sunday night, opening with a merengue-fied version of his 2017 hit “Corazón.” Maluma kept the massive Day 2 crowd dancing into the night with inspired performances of “Hawái,” his collaboration with Shakira “Chantaje,” and his breakout hit “Felices los 4.” However, amid Maluma’s set, festival attendees were met with an emergency evacuation notice due to incoming inclement weather. As expected, the crowd was deeply disappointed, with many chanting for Peso Pluma, the headliner for Sunday night.

The third iteration of Sueños will certainly be one to remember. As Chicago’s premier Latin music festival continues to grow and become more ambitious year after year, attendees will come to expect more from their festival experience. While festival organizers should certainly consider logistical and technical improvements, the caliber of talent that Sueños, still in its infancy, brings to the stage cannot be taken for granted.

Stay tuned for more exclusive Sueños 2024 content and updates for next year.

We’re excited to see what surprises Sueños 2025 has in store!


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