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Tips to Cope with Stress During COVID-19

Don't blame yourself for the anxiety you're experiencing. You have been going through a lot since COVID 19 started spreading. Maybe you have financial trouble or you have faced unexpected changes in your lifestyle. Others are worried about their health. Everyone is struggling in different ways.

Businesses are closed. There are no chances of going on vacation. Going out and doing anything is complicated, and staying at home has become boring and stressful. You miss when you could relax at home and have a nice time there without feeling trapped. You know you need to make changes, but you don't know where to start.

It's completely normal to feel overwhelmed by the situation, but we can do little changes that will allow us to feel better.

Watching less news

Staying informed is important since you'll know if you need to be extra cautious when going shopping or working. There's a lot of misinformation and shady content posted by people who are only looking to get more views or likes and this only causes unnecessary worries. So, make sure you take a look at trustworthy sources like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or the World Health Organization, and your local public health authorities instead of Youtubers or popular news agencies. In that way you'll be safe but you'll keep your mental peace too.

On the other hand try to limit the daily or weekly amount of time you spend watching the news and social media feeds since this is not helpful if you are trying to keep calm. In case you start feeling overwhelmed stop scrolling and take a relaxing bath or maybe use that time to take an online course and improve your skills! Maybe you can take a look at edx, udemy or coursera. These online platforms have plenty of free and paid courses that you can enroll in at any time!

Get in touch with people that you haven't talked to in years!

Life tends to get complex and busy as we grow up but now we have plenty of time to think and talk to people. Maybe you can send a message to your old group of friends and if you feel comfortable you can even schedule a video call! Since you can't go out maybe you can schedule a time to play an online game together, or doing other activities like baking, painting or cooking dinner while you video call.

It's vital to consider that you can't let coronavirus dominate your life. If you are talking to your friends make sure that you'll try to enjoy each others company. It's okay to rant, complain a little bit but focusing on those things all the time will only bring you all down. Try to talk about your memories together, a nice movie to watch at home and lift your spirits up!

Trying a fun meditation

It can be frustrating talking about how anxious you are feeling and getting the same advice over and over again:"take a deep breath and don't think of that" because it can be very difficult to relax when you have been stressed for a long period of time.

There are different types of meditation available online, if focusing on your breathing is very hard for you maybe you can try a fun meditation that won't ask you to take it very seriously. There are a few good options on Youtube like " Try not to laugh Meditation" on the Unicorns with Jetpacks channel or if you are into cursing maybe F*ck That: An Honest Meditation on Jason Headley channel would be a better choice! It's a matter of looking around and finding the best option for you!

These are only a few tips to consider if you feel overwhelmed by the situation. Everyone is different, so try to listen to your body and your mind. Ask yourself “What am I feeling like doing now?”. It’s completely okay to spoil yourself during these times! Have an ice cream and watch a movie, get some rest and sleep if you need it. If you are tired of ordering food maybe you can watch a tutorial and make something new. In that way you’ll be focused on a new activity and you’ll save some money! Talk to people who are important to you and in case you don’t know how to handle the situation there are online counseling services available like BetterHelp that you can try. Live one day at a time and take care of yourself because being stressed is not helpful for your body or your mind.


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