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Top Best Affordable Online Fashion Shops

So, it’s about to be the start of a new year (new year new me) and you’re probably thinking about a new wardrobe. Shopping is fun, but it can also be a bit tiring. If you’re a lazy sloth like me, online shopping in the comfort of your bed is the way to go! Here is a list of the top best affordable online fashion shops:

Fashion Nova

If you’re into Kardashian-Jenner, Cardi B type of style, then this is def your place! Fashion Nova has everything from comfy sleepwear, club wear, casual, business attire and even scrubs! Download their app to get notifications on their latest clothes, everyday sales, and more. Almost everyday the website has promo codes up to 50-75%off! You can get a good quantity of clothes for the best prices. If you want more details you can check out Pulp Magazine CEO, boss babe, Massiel Nunez’s YouTube video on her fashion Nova haul!


Boohoo has been killing it with fashion this past year! If you’re into “sexy-business-boss babe” type of fashion, this is the spot! This is the place for chic, couture fashion for women of all sizes! If you visit their website today you can get 30% off coats, jackets, knits, and boots - perfect for the upcoming winter season.


Now if you’re really trying to save your coins, this is also the best site to visit! They have sales everyday, even 15% for students! This site has almost EVERYTHING! Some might be a little sketch about it because of how low the prices are, but based on this Shein Haul on Youtube by Kerina Wang, it can def give you some great reassurance. Aside from apparel, they also have the following items: kids stuff, beauty, home decor, and bags. Shein has very cute, true-to-size clothing for a great price!

Pretty Little Thing

If you want to be extra and look glamorous as ever, this is definitely the place for you! You can get 50% off the entire site with the code: GIMME50. They always have great quality clothing for the low low for any occasion.

Overall, these are some great recommendations if you’re boujee on a budget. I love how these shops not only gives out great deals everyday, but also spread body positivity - making chic, sexy clothing for everyone of all shapes and sizes.


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