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What is Tarot??

It’s spooky season which means that it is the perfect time to talk about spooky topics. Have you ever wondered what Tarot is, or how it works? You probably have the same thoughts I initially had when I thought about Tarot readings; that it was some sort of witchcraft or that it would somehow bring you bad omens. But as one of my good friends put it “Tarot is a guide, rather than a gospel.”

So what is Tarot? Although the origins of how Tarot cards came about are unknown; There are sources that link them back to fourteenth-century Europe. Tarot readings are not exclusively done just by people who are psychic or who have high intuition. Anybody who is familiar with tarot can give you a reading. Tarot cards most of the time serve as the purpose of guiding you with what's coming your way; they can also serve as advice for certain situations, and they create a high awareness with things you know deep inside. They can also gain insight on your past or present and all of this is done with certain layouts of the cards.

When I first got my cards read I was nervous and thought my reader would tell me something like “Yup, you’re going to die tomorrow” or that my future was hopeless and that I would end up single with 10 cats. When we were about to begin my reading, she told me to ask a question, so I asked, “How will my life look in a couple of months”. She then shuffled the cards and put them in a certain layout and began to tell me what she saw in the cards. She told me that she saw me focusing a lot in school and achieving certain goals, that financial gains were on their way and in the far far future, I will be doing something I love. The first part is absolutely true, and now I am just waiting for the rest of her readings to unfold.

You would be surprised at how many people are actually familiar with Tarot. My manager actually carries a miniature deck and she calls it her “ Emergency Tarot”. So if you're ever curious, or would like to have your cards read don't be afraid. Your readings could give you something to look forward too, or let you know something that you've been wondering about. Also, if you're super fascinated with the idea of tarot you can actually learn how to do it, like I am. Anybody can learn how to do tarot it just takes some time and some practice on learning the symbols and what they mean, and there are all sorts of books that you could read that can help you.


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