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Why You Should Stop Taking Things So Personal

So, it’s the first month of the new year. Some of you probably already started on your New Year's resolutions or maybe some might not know what New Year's resolutions to have. Some resolutions can be either going to the gym everyday, eating healthier, or erasing toxic people out of your life, but what about your mental health and well-being? Over the years I’ve noticed small details that affected my mental health, and one of them is mainly taking things too personal and letting things get to my head.

Here’s why you should stop taking things so personal:

1.) It can affect your well-being

If you take things too personal, it can cause you to overthink, leading to stress. For example, if someone cancels last minute… Yeah, it sucks because you’ve already made these plans; however, there’s always a solution. You can try to be understanding and reschedule for another day.

2.) It can affect how people might perceive you

Constantly taking things too personal can cause a bad vibe/energy. People might act a certain way around you. For example, if you’re around your friends and they see that you take the little things too personal, they might not want to joke around with you anymore because they probably think they are hurting your feelings and you wouldn’t want to be known as a “Debby-Downer” LOL.

Here’s what happens when you take small things so personal:

1.) It can put you in a negative mindset

I’ve had experiences where either someone or something is bothering me and it just makes me go into this dark cloud. It’s really not a good feeling. I can either take it like a grain of salt or continue to have this negative mindset.

2.) It causes you to overthink

Life is too short to take things so personal, especially if the things are someone criticizing you, rejection, or anything negative. It can be such a bad feeling ‘til it gets to the point where you can’t stop thinking about it. And it’s understandable…I tend to overthink myself sometimes, but honestly, it’s not healthy, and not worth letting you lose sleep over it. Always have a strong and positive mentality. I mainly just hype myself up, get more occupied, surround myself with a good support system, and not let anything come my way.

What should you do?

1.) Let certain things slide and move on, things happen for a reason.

Instead of thinking more into the situation, it’s best to just keep on moving. For example, if the person that you like is ghosting you but posting on social media, it clearly shows there’s a lack of interest and that you shouldn’t settle.

By: Pablo Picasso

2.) Breathe and relax.

There’s no need to dwell on the little things that are going to bother you. Your well-being is what’s important. Keep yourself busy and content, most importantly, happy. :)

3.) Be the bigger person and simply ignore the negativity.

There can be situations where not everyone is your friend and not everyone is going to like you, and that’s okay! If they are talking about you, don’t acknowledge it and take it too personal. The more you acknowledge it, the more it shows that you care and you shouldn’t.

4.) Don’t put yourself down by thinking, “why me?”. Grow as a person.

In life we have our rough patches, but that doesn’t mean we have to let it bring us down. Maybe those rough patches are a break-up, rejections from colleges, jobs, and even people, or not having enough money, but instead of saying, “Why is this happening to me?” or “Why me?”, learn and grow from it. Life gives us these obstacles so we can overcome it. Instead of taking it to heart, it’s better to move it along and work harder because it does get better!

These are just some small details you can take into consideration as the new year takes off. Your mental health is what really matters! This is YOUR time, it’s time to focus on you and not let anything affect you and your well-being!


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