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Witchy Things

If you ever start to feel negative or have bad vibes around you, you're probably going to sage your house or even maybe cleanse yourself with some Palo Santo. If you want to attract love or bring in some good luck into your life, then you will probably look into buying some crystals, perhaps a Rose Quartz or some green Aventurine. A lot of us believe that these certain commodities will somehow get rid of bad energies and attract things we want somehow. It is part of this "Witch Aesthetic" that is currently the new fad. You probably see these things on Instagram all the time. But do you know where to buy sage, or what it is for? These things can be aesthetically pleasing and you might want to purchase a couple of crystals and sage bundles but might have no idea how it works. So here is a little guide on how to use these "Witchy things".

1) Palo santo and Sage

Both Palo santo and sage are used to purify energy around you. Sage has been used by the Native American culture for centuries, and Palo Santo by South American countries. You can use it to purify your own energy or the energy in your living space, workspace, etc. You can purchase these items at your local Botanica store, or even on Etsy.

2) Incenses

Incenses have different aroma's that can trigger different responses. They can help you unwind and meditate, help reduce stress and anxiety and even help increase your sexual desires. All you have to do is put an incense stick on a burner and let the aromas take over. You can purchase incense at a local botanica.

3) Crystals

Crystals are something you see everywhere nowadays, there is nothing more pleasing to see than a cluster of amethyst. Crystals are used for their healing properties and to help you manifest your intentions. You can either set your crystal in a place where you can see it often, or you can wear crystal jewelry. You can buy crystals at your local crystal store or even metaphysical shop and on various sites.

4) Tarot

Tarot is a form of divination that can see many possible outcomes for your life. This practice is starting to become more used in our popular culture. You can see people making Tik-Toks about this, and Tweeting about it as well. Anybody can learn how to do Tarot readings but it requires lots of practice. You can pick up a deck of tarot at any book store.



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