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Zooming past the school year

A laptop, endless calls, and constant fatigue; it almost sounds like I am describing a secretary when in actuality I am describing the new virtual reality we call learning. While many students were excited to not return back to their schools the in-home approach is proving to be something even, they could not prepare for. Due to COVID-19, many students have found themselves continuing the school year in the confines of their home. While this approach may help schools continue teaching the necessary curriculum, it is proving to be ineffective.

Many students do not have the drive to show up to class. With many schools taking an online approach it is harder to mandate on time behavior. The reinforcement many students may have received are usually not there since many parents have to work and cannot keep an eye on their child’s performance. For the students who do maintain regular participation, the ability to stay focused is slim to none.

Most students have plenty of distractions around them from the T.V to background noise. Instagram and tweets are far more entertaining than the lectures of their teachers or professors. Many students do not feel the individual focus of their instructors like they can feel with a face to face approach of their professor as a result performance amongst students can seem lack luster. With many students not having access to many programs and resources some schools have taken the approach of not grading their work.

While laptops have been the foundation for the new virtual learning structure studies show sitting in front of one for long hours can cause multiple health risks. High blood pressure, vision issues and stress disorders are just a few health risks that result in excess laptop usage. Staring at a laptop in the same position can start to cause your body to ache. These aches travel up your spine which result in migraines. The average person should take ten-fifteen-minute break every hour to break up the screen time they endure while working on their laptop. Students are suffering mentally and physically while using this virtual approach. While the school year must continue, facilities have to adjust so that we are not just zooming through the school year but also helping to teach students in an effective way.


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