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10 Golden Years for Trinidad James

ATLANTA, Ga. (October 31, 2022) -- Fans of Trinidad James gathered this weekend to celebrate 2 occasions: Halloween and the 10 year anniversary of “All Gold Everything”.

Trinidad James hosted a 10 year anniversary costume concert in Atlanta on October 29th.

Photo by: Amanda Rivera

The concert was held at the MJQ Concourse — the exact stage he performed on a decade ago — and was accompanied by a $1000 costume contest. Attendees were instructed to arrive in their best costumes with a gold spin. For example: Wonder Woman's gold armor, the golden snitch, gold diggers, etc.

James made 2 performances on 2 stages, and even performed new music from his upcoming album Don’t Be S.A.F.E 2. His family was in attendance, and each performance had a wardrobe change.

During the first performance, James sported a gold bonnet, black sunglasses, and black and gold RGB Freight brand clothing. The second performance found the Trinidadian-American rapper decked out in a curly fro and all-red.

“I fell in love with a bad drug,” the rapper sings to the crowd shortly after announcing he’d be sharing some upcoming music from his new project. Colorful lights rain down over his body as he works the stage.

Photo by: Amanda Rivera

The certified platinum single, “All Gold Everything”, was released in 2012 and has sold over 1,000,000 copies since its debut. The single was also interpolated in Mark Ronson’s ’ “Uptown Funk” feat. Bruno Mars. “Uptown Funk” is certified diamond.

In an article by Complex Magazine, the song was named #35 on a list of best songs of 2012 — describing it as music made for “the hypebeasts, the social media savvy college kids, and even the strippers.” The magazine also goes on to say that James’s single “shouts out every faction of the Atlanta scene, making his song (and in turn, himself) a uniting force in a niche-driven market.”

“I’m just telling you what’s going on in the culture…10 years ago. If you really look at 2012, everything that I said is happening in every club… in every street, I’m not saying something that’s just unique to me. I’m saying something that’s common to our culture. I don’t f—- with no f—- n——, nobody does. I’m not saying anything that you never heard before, it’s just a lot of people [were] not confident enough to say it at the time,” says James when asked about the impact he believes it made on Hip Hop and black culture.

Soon after releasing the debut single, the official remix dropped and included features by 2 chainz, Young Jeezy, and T.I. A music video followed shortly after in January of 2013, and the song jumped to new heights; As of October 2022, the visual has accumulated over 45 million views.

Photo by: Amanda Rivera

“[If I had 3 new artists on it today] I would do Lil Uzi, Beyonce, and for the last one it would be Drake,” said the Def Jam recording artist on Saturday.

As for the rapper himself, he gets better with time.

“I think I’m just a better overall person. I think music just gave me knowledge of understanding how the [fantasy] world works.” He continues.

“I feel perfect. Like, I feel like a version of perfection, but it’s all knowledge.”

His message to the younger version of himself? “Keep putting that sh— on, baby.”


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