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2020 Elections

One of the most anticipated events of 2020, is the upcoming election which will take place on Tuesday, November 3rd. The election that will determine if Donald Trump gets re-elected or if his Democratic opponent gets elected instead. Although the DNC has not chosen the Democratic nominee, we have many candidates seeking that nomination. Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden, Amy Klobuchar, Micheal Bloomberg, Pete Buttigieg, Tulsi Gabbard, and many more are currently in the race for the presidency.

Voting is a vital factor that represents our voice. The act of voting as a collective nation can allow our values and visions to be seen. These candidates that are running for office, not only for the presidency but for congress as well, all take stances on issues that are important to us. Issues that shape our everyday life in our society. Whether it's about reproductive rights, Immigration, gun rights or other political stances, it is important to know what each candidate stands for, so make sure to do some research before you go out and vote.

For us to vote, we must be registered and must have the requirements to be eligible to register. The requirements are: that you must be 18 years of age and a U.S citizen. You can register to vote in person, through mail and online. You can also check your voting status online. When election day rolls around make sure that you know where your polling place is, and if you know you won't be home for the elections, then make sure you request an absentee ballot and mail it back before the elections.

If you have not registered make sure to do it as soon as you can. There is a voter registration deadline that varies by state and you want to make sure that you get to vote in the general elections this year.

Helpful Links

On this website you can request an absentee ballot, get election reminders and register to vote which only takes about 2 minutes or less.

Voting registration deadlines.

Learn more about candidates.


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