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3 Shows You Have To Watch Before The Summer Ends!

Daredevil: If You Like Superheroes

Mathew Murdock works as a defense attorney by day and at night he fights crime in a part of New York City known as Hell's Kitchen where he grew up. The accident that caused his blindness also enhanced his other senses to a superhuman level. By using these enhanced senses he can "see" better than most people. He fights gangs associated with a hidden crime lord who works with the Russian gangs, the Chinese triads, and the Japanese yakuza.

Through his senses and combat skills, he works to take down each organization and work his way to the crime lord. He doesn't do this alone, he works with his best friend and fellow lawyer Foggy Nelson at their new law firm "Nelson & Murdock". Matthew’s (who is known as Matt) , friends do not know that he is a vigilante by night but instead help by using their law firm to fight back against the criminals.

During the day he works for the victims of the crime organization that he fights with his fists at night. The show has been praised for its excellent filmography, music, and fight choreography. It is considered by many as one of the greatest superheroes productions of all times by focusing on the characters as individuals and bringing a light of realism to their stories. Overall the show is an action show involving criminal investigations, conspiracy, and a very compelling story.

Dark: If You like Crazy Plot Twist and Time Travel

A teen called Jonas returns to Germany after being at a mental health facility in France; he was getting help after his fathers' suicide. When he comes back he realizes that the world he knew has changed, his best friend is dating the girl he liked and a teen who used to go to the same school disappeared without a trace.

Jonas and his friends decide to visit a cavern late at night; they wanted to find some belongings of the kid who got lost right before Jonas came back. Suddenly, they hear a noise and think it's dangerous and run through the forest, after the kids find a safe place, they notice one of them is missing.

With 2 kids missing in such a small town; everyone starts jumping to conclusions. People are very scared, there are meetings at the school and a constant tension everywhere, until the police find the body of a kid who seems to have died a few days ago. However this kid disappeared for more than 10 years ago!

Jonas will try to answer his questions, but after observing and doing research he has more questions than ever, and the most important thing: everything is not about who, but when?

Fringe: if you love CSI and Scifi, this is the perfect show for you!

Fringe is a Scifi investigation show. It revolves around FBI special agent Olivia Dunahm, a diligent, hard-working, and assertive female agent. She recruits the assistance of a scientist named Dr. Walter Bishop who for the last 17 years was in a mental health hospital after a lab accident killed his assistant.

By first locating and then persuading Dr. Bishop's son, Peter Bishop, he helps get his father out of the mental institute and into her custody. Together they investigate different scientific anomalies referred to as the "cycle" that has been happening around the country, but mostly around the Boston area. These cases usually involve some type of pseudoscience and make the team work in very strange ways to solve each of them.

As Dr. Bishop is a disturbed and unstable man, the team (especially his son) have to keep him under control and work with his very different style of investigating to take advantage of his brilliant mind. The show not only looks at the fun and weird science and criminal aspects but also the interpersonal relationships and hardships of being in law enforcement.

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