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48 Hours Left in Taylor Swift's Countdown

Forty- eight hours. That’s how long Taylor Swift fans have to wait to see what is at the end of the pastel-colored countdown located on her website.

The clock counts the days, hours, minute and seconds to Friday, April 26. Swift first posted the countdown clock on April 12th which sent fans into a frenzy, wondering what could be awaiting them on the other end of this appointed hour. All of Swift’s profile icons showcase an image of pastel-colored clouds that are identical to the background of the timer on her site. All of the photos posted to her Instagram and Twitter accounts have been close-ups of soft-hued miscellaneous objects and animals; except for one snapshot of a Time Magazine cover recognizing Swift as one of the 100 most influential people in the world. Additionally, her Instagram and Twitter bios have since been updated to a single date; “4.26”.

Some anticipate the release of new music while others foreshadow that the musician will announce a new clothing line.

The clothing line speculation recently came to light after Swift was seen wearing a floral shirt that had her name written down the length of the arm.

Last month, Swift attended the iHeartRadio Music Awards and accepted an award for her work during her Reputation Stadium Tour. It broke the record for highest-grossing domestic tour by a woman. In her speech, she spoke out about the idea of her releasing new music: “When there’s new music, you’ll be the first to know.”

So, what could it all mean? A new album? A new clothing line? Or could it be something else altogether? I guess we’ll know in due time. If it is new music, Swifties can take solace in knowing they will be the first person Taylor tells.

What do you believe will be revealed at the end of this countdown? Tell us in the comments!


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