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Anybody Can Promote, Here's How:

Since the pandemic started and people were locked down in their homes with almost nothing to do, a lot of people relied on social media to be their entertainment. And by now you have to know social media platforms—like Instagram—like the palm of your hand. So why not become your friend’s business promoter?

Here are three basic ways you can help market small businesses on Instagram:

Repost their business page’s posts on your story

So before anything else, you must be following your friend’s business page and have their post notifications on. Now that it’s on, every time you get notified you can post it on your story with something catchy like: “get into it honey” or “order now!”. Something that catches people’s eye.

Buy their product and post about it

Another thing you can do is when you purchase their product, post that you’ve purchased it, and actually use it! Influencers do this all the time. They post and tag the business so other people can purchase. The only difference between you and them is that they’re most likely getting paid to promote it. Don’t be afraid to get creative with it! Create a reel with the product, do a product review on your story/page, do before and after pictures.

Comment under their posts

The last thing—that’s quick and easy—is commenting under the post to show that you see them grinding! Besides following their account, a couple of emojis shows that you’re a true supporter of their business.


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