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Apps That Will Help You Revamp Your Instagram Page

So you want to revamp your Instagram, but you're having trouble figuring out what apps social media influencers use to edit their Instaworthy pictures. This first step can be very tricky because there are a variety of editing trends that are constantly changing. It can all seem time-consuming and overwhelming at first, but in reality, all it takes is little planning and some help from a couple of must have apps.

Find Inspiration: Pintrest

Pinterest is a good place to start brainstorming a vision for your Instagram feed. Browsing through the “Instagram feed” or “Instagram picture ideas” searches can help you find your preferred Instagram theme. This will later influence your editing and the type of pictures you want to post. Once you have a general idea of what you want your feed to look like you can start the editing process.

Editing: VSCO, Adobe Lightroom, HUJI/KUNI cam

VSCO: One of the most popular editing apps at the moment is VSCO cam. The app is easy and flexible to use for beginners. You can keep your editing process fairly simple by sticking to a consistent filter or you could also get more intricate by adjusting each component of the picture to create your own preset. What I found really helpful is going back to Pinterest to search through “VSCO presets” and following the different preset guides.

Adobe Lightroom: For those that are ready for full-time dedication to their Instagram page, Lightroom is a good place to start. Lightroom is a good app to increase the quality of your pictures. In Lightroom, you have the ability to adjust the lighting in your pictures and color correct objects in the foreground and background. While it's a good app to fix small details on a picture, it is not the best for filters. If you aren't into having a uniform filter this app is perfect for you.

KUNI and HUJI Cam: Vintage photos have become very popular with the resurfacing of vintage and disposable cameras. KUNI and HUJI cam are perfect for giving your photos that vintage look without having to raid every thrift store in search of a vintage camera. HUJI Cam is an app that lets you directly take pictures and develop them using the famous vintage HUJI film. KUNI cam, on the other hand, lets you retrieve photos from your camera roll and lets you manipulate the light flash and grain of the picture. Both do a good job by giving your picture a natural vintage look with minimal effort.

Text and Designs: A Design Kit

Drawing designs on photos is a trend I personally really love and have been seeing a lot more frequently. Multi-media design is a good way to expand your creativity and adds hints of uniqueness to your photos. A Design Kit offers a variety of textures, colors, texts, and stencils you can use for drawing and designing on your pictures. They also have a “replicate” option you could use when creating patterns.

Planning: UNUM

At this point feel free to post your finished product and be proud of your work! This last point is optional, but important if you care more about the look of your Instagram theme and branding. An advantage of having a uniform theme is the impressions your profile will leave on new potential followers. Planning is an important part of growing your audience. Consistency in posting and an organized feed is a vital part of growing a user and follower relationship. UNUM is a really good app to help you keep both these aspects in check. The app allows you to plan posts on an empty grid to visualize what your account will look like when you post. It gives you the option to draft a caption and preset a posting time so you don’t have to remember to do it on your own. It’s a very useful tool to preview your profile's final look.


Now that you have these apps in your editing toolbox, you are ready to give your Instagram account the makeover you’ve been meaning to get to. Keep in mind that although building your brand and expanding your presence on social media is fun, your profile will always be a representation of yourself. Be true to your profile and post things that are meaningful to you. Being yourself on social media will truly make your profile stand out.


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