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Atlanta couple tests positive for coronavirus

Clyde and Renee Smith are being treated after testing positive while on a cruise ship in Japan.

The Atlanta couple was in the Diamond Princess Cruise when they were told that another passenger had the illness. The cruise was quarantined immediately and all the people in it were tested.

The 80-year-old couple had been tested negative, but a few days later the authorities told them the bad news.

Their son expresses that his parents were symptom free and they are in good condition, but since it’s a new illness nobody knows for sure when they’ll be able to come back to the U.S.

In spite of their age, the Smiths are very active and have visited all seven continents. Their son expressed that this will not stop his parents from traveling and conquering new places."

Authorities mentioned that at least 20 other people had been tested positive while on the Diamond Princess Cruise. The ship with a capacity for more than 2000 passengers will remain in quarantine until February 18.



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