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Behind Closed Doors

To any young child, animals are one of the most extraordinary things in life. The way they look and the way they interact with you. A young child at a zoo will go crazy with the wonders that it holds. Not just young children, but everyone can find the beauty that animals develop. Unfortunately, looks can be very deceiving. Everything can be all rainbows and butterflies on the outside, but once we take a look at what happens behind closed doors; it is possible that you may reconsider allowing these facilities to profit.

If you open up your favorite search engine, by searching up the term “animal malnutrition in zoos” the first link serves to be about the issues in Venezuela. The country of Venezuela has been suffering significantly economically. Sadly, the economy is not the only thing to suffer. In Caricuao Zoo in Caracas, about 50 animals have been reported to be starving due to these issues. According to National Geographic; Most of these animals have gone approximately two weeks with no food in their system. Most of us cannot even go a day without eating a small snack. By not allowing these animals to receive the correct nutrition; it puts them at risk for long term health issues.

As social media grows more and more everyday; news and images are spreading

quickly. On Twitter, horrid photos of a malnourished elephant from an Indonesian facility had surfaced and it caused an outrage. In some eastern asian countries, elephants are used in order to perform in festivals or to take some tourists out for some rides. In the surfaced image of the elephant; it is evident that he has been starved. Someone on social media pointed out that when elephants reach a certain age, their teeth stop growing out which does not allow them to eat. Even if that is the only reason as to why the elephants seem starved, just like we have retirement after a certain age, so do these animals who work several hours a day.

Over the last few decades, a place that has truly sparked controversy is SeaWorld in Orlando, Florida. The non profit organization PETA has created a website that highlights all of the issues that go on at this amusement park. Known as, this website mentions that approximately thirty-eight orcas, at least fifty-eight belugas, and hundreds of dolphins have perished within the walls of this park. These numbers are always hard to take knowledge of. This has happened due to overtraining them, not giving them enough room to thrive in, and locking them up after hours. These intelligent animals are meant to enjoy the immense depths of the oceans and not pool sized tanks.

The question remains, what can YOU do? The answers are simple. Boycott. Protest.

Raise Awareness. Research. These facilities and institutions make their money by us buying their tickets and their products in the gift shops. Although some places’ profits go the greedy man at the top, some profits actually go to foundations that dedicate themselves to aiding the animals and wildlife that is suffering around the world. It is important to educate yourself on where your money is truly going to. Also, spread the world. Social media is a powerful platform; it is time for us to use it to do good.

As we stated by one of the best movies of all time The Lion King, we are all connected in the circle of life. It is important that we all look after one another. Just because we all do not look the same, does not mean that we do not deserve the same justice you have.


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