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Best Valentine's Date To Take Your BUMBLE Match To

*Disclaimer: Written Courtesy of Bumble , All Opinions are my Own*

Love is filling the air and Valentine's Day is just around the corner. Couples across the nation have already planned their romantic dates for this occasion. Meanwhile, others find themselves questioning if they will be lonely this year or stressing over where to go. If you find yourself in that slump, lucky for you an app like BUMBLE exists and we have the ultimate date bucket list for your Valentine's Day!

Ladies, the tables have turned and it is our turn to make the first move. That's right, BUMBLE is an app that changes the stigma on men shooting their shot first. The free app allows you to swipe on someone who catches your eye. The thrill doesn't end there, because ladies you have 24 hours to message the person or they disappear! So go shoot your shot and find yourself a date for this year's Valentine's Day. Bumble has so much more to offer as well. Let's say you aren't looking for a future partner, date or hookup ; Bumble also offers Bumble BFF and Bumble Bizz to match you with business networks and even new friendships.


1. Cooking Class

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Let's be real, restaurants are over populated on holidays. Especially on a romantic day such as Valentine's Day. So, avoid the 1 hour wait for a table, and book a romantic cooking class with your date. This could be a great way to break the ice. Not only will you be learning and challenging your creative juices, but you both will have an amazing dinner to look forward to after the class.

2. Comedy Show

Who doesn't love a good laugh? Snag some tickets to a local comedy show, and woo your BUMBLE match with some humor. This will lighten the mood and take some nerves off both of your shoulders.

3. Paint & Sip

Photo Source : Painting with a Twist

Channel your inner Van Gogh, I mean he was a romantic after all. A paint & sip session is a great opportunity to get to know your BUMBLE match, while doing something engaging and fun. Even if you aren't the next Picasso, the process of making the art can be an enjoyable time with your date. Let us not forget, that the wine will surely set the mood. Tipsy painting anyone?

4. Art Museum

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Okay, so maybe painting isn't your jam... Then book some tickets to your town's art museum and admire some paintings instead. A lot of Art Museums host a special evening for Valentine's Day to set the mood and make your experience more romantic. Who knows, maybe your BUMBLE match will be your favorite work of art for the night.

5. Amusement Park

Photo Source : ValleyFair

Looking for a thrill? Amusement parks are a great opportunity to get adventurous with your date. In the midst of having fun on rides, you also have the chance to get to know your BUMBLE match, while waiting in line for the next thrilling ride.


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