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Billie Eilish is Dominating the Music Charts with New Debut Album


WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?  That is the question and name of Billie Eilish's new debut album that is circulating the world.

Eilish is a 17-year-old singer-songwriter who works alongside her brother Finneas O' Connell. The duo gained popularity after releasing Eilish's debut single Ocean Eyes on SoundCloud in 2016. In recent years, Eilish has gained momentum and popularity, accumulating a fan-base globally and gaining over 15 million followers on Instagram since 2016. 

In her new debut album, which she told fans to listen to in order, features songs such as Xanny, You Should See Me in A Crown, and Bury A Friend that displays the teens' ability to dive into many different styles and sounds that appeal to various genres of music.


The album, along with visuals was released on March 29th, and within hours Eilish became the world's best-selling artist that was globally most streamed and purchased. A day after the release all tracks from the album were charting in the top 50 on U.S Apple Music, and the album was sitting at #1 in the U.S Apple Music Album Chart and 70 countries.

Adding on to the list of records by becoming the second biggest opening day of a female album on Spotify this year with over 47 million plays in its first 24 hours, Eilish additionally broke the record of having 17 spots on the Spotify Top 200 Chart, the most of any artist. 

Recently, she broke the record for most simultaneously charted Hot 100 titles among women with fourteen, twelve of those tracks coming from her album.


If that isn't enough reflection of the support, she is receiving from fan other artist and celebrities such as Timbaland, Demi Lovato, Avril Lavigne, and Hayley Williams from Paramore whom have commented their reactions to Eilish's music and album.


This is only the beginning for the Bad Guy artist, whom despite not having no major radio hit has the number one album. Billie Eilish is charting the course for the new generation with her edgy sound, dark persona and unique fashion-sense that is setting her apart — leaving many fans to wonder what does she have in store next?


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