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Black by Popular Demand

The Story of O.J|Source

Support for black lives has reached an all-time high in the year 2020 from a plethora of major companies, but how much of it is genuine? People of color have always played a major part in setting the trend of what will be emphasized for the year. In fact, the black dollar holds a value of 1.2 trillion which is spent annually on materials alone. Due to the climate many people have chosen not to spend their money with companies who seem to lack support for black lives. With the increase in cancel culture companies and employers have been brought under fire left and right. Starbucks, Chick- fil-a, and Gucci just to name a few. Support for black owned business has gradually increased and is becoming more of a trend.

Major companies are now following the trend as well in hopes of not losing their black consumers. Due to coronavirus in person interaction has now shifted online, and consumers are spending an abundance of money with online avenues. Fifty percent of commercials now hold at least one person of color as an interest. “We stand with you” is also a slogan that many companies have taken on to show solitude with the black lives matter movement. This type of behavior is called brand activism which is when companies show support on social or political issues due to the trend of the consumer. While the support is full throttle only four of Americas top five hundred companies have a black chief executive. On top of that only seven out of the fortune five hundred donated to the BLM movement.

Of course, with the climate it is easy to become confused with how to go about spending your money while supporting social injustice. Here is a list of companies that put their money where their mouth is by showing constant support for black creators and consumers.

1. Netflix

2. Yelp

3. Nike

4. Gatorade

5. Amazon

6. Ugg

7. Microsoft

8. Pepsi

9. Doordash

10. Airbnb

(no particular order)


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