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Blue Valentine: What happens when a relationship goes wrong?

Why do we get married?

Do we get married because we love each other or do we love each other because we got married and we have no escape?

It's difficult to find an answer to these questions and Blue Valentine gives us a hard time trying to figure out what can go wrong in a relationship.

This film shows the romantic and easy start of a relationship, when Dean and Cindy met, they shared a rare chemistry, but it seemed to work for them, she had all she needed and she was planning to go to college, but Dean didn't have any projects in his life, he just wanted to have a good time while he was working at a moving company.

When Cindy gets pregnant from another guy, Dean decides to take care of her and the baby even when that wasn't on their plan. They get married and it seems to be a good idea, but 6 years after those glorious we don't know what happened because now they are living a very dark life.

The movie goes constantly back and forth to show the contrast between the happy days and their present. Dean has changed physically, he is getting bald, he looks very tired and older than his wife, and he doesn't seem to make any improvements in his life, he works as a house painter and has become an alcoholic. Meanwhile, Cindy is a nurse, she hasn't changed at all after having a child, and she has a great job in a hospital.

Blue Valentine is created to be emotionally intense, full of close-ups and long shots during the dialogs that make us feel the characters pain.

The film directed by Derek Cianfranceto is made to immerse us in confusion and frustration. It makes us think like the characters, it feels like that moment of the relationship in which you don't know what went wrong, at first you loved each other and now you can't stand each other but you don't know why.

Acting is incredible, Ryan Gosling plays Dean, his performance is so good that in spite of all the dark side of his character it makes us believe that he really has good intentions.

On the other hand, Michelle Williams does a good job on screen, she tries to hide her character's feelings but we get to know the character because she makes us wear her shoes in an unbelievable way.

The light side: No special effects or crazy plot twists are needed to make it work. The movie flows naturally. If you want to watch a movie that gives you a before and after in your life, something that makes you think about the perks and disadvantages of being married, this is the perfect film!

The dark side: Emotionally intense for some people, it won't make you cry but it makes you think about relationships for a while, so if you want to watch something relaxed and chill this might not be for you.

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