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Botanical Bedrooms

Aesthetic of homes has changed with minimalism becoming the ideal vibe for many consumers. Plants have become the focal point of these simplistic values and lately people have tried using their green thumb as more than just a hobby. While palms may bring out the wood in your lobby and ferns look great by your fireplace; plants hold more than just physical appeal, they also offer a variety of healing properties. Although many of us invest in diffusers, plants naturally absorb the toxins in the air around them and replenish oxygen in the room. According to NASA, houseplants remove up to eighty- seven percent of toxins in just twenty- four hours.

Having plants in your home also releases endorphins in your brain which creates higher energy and greater focus. It almost acts as a natural Adderall. Stress and anxiety have riddled our generation, and while many people are struggling with maintaining their sanity, there are even plants to help with that. Lavender and lemongrass release scents that help to calm our minds and release tension in our bodies just to name a few.

Although many of us are becoming more aware of natural treatments and healing, there are still people who are in the dark. Here is a list below of plants to get you started whether for new appeal or peace of mind.

Succulent: Easy Plants to maintain and cheap to afford.

Aloe Vera: Help with rashes, clear skin and improve digestive help.

Palms: Need natural light to survive and provide a beautiful appeal to a room.

Jasmine: Helps with anxiety


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