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February is the month  of love, which was the theme for last month's Boxycharm.

Boxycharm is a subscription box that comes in your mail once a month. I got my February box around Valentine's Day and I have to say after being subscribed with Boxycharm for over 5 Months, last months box happened to be one of the best one I have yet to receive!

How Boxycharm works is that for $21 each month you will receive  a total of 4-5 full size beauty items. The box is supposed to retail for about $100, so you can say that you get a total bargain with BoxyCharm. Now after using the beauty products that I got in the month of February for about a couple of weeks here is my review on each item and conclusion on whether or not last months box was worth it.

In the month of february every charmer ( people who subscribe to Boxycharm) received The Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara. Now if you keep up with the beauty world you know that this is one of the most prestigious and probably the best mascara out there on the market. This mascara alone costs more than the subscription box. This product is amazing and does wonders to your eyelashes; I was super excited when they announced that this product was featured in the box.  

The second product that I received was the No Poreblem primer. This product was amazing at first since my foundation of choice glided on perfectly. However, my skin is very sensitive so after using it for a couple of days I started breaking out. This was a total bummer, but if this product worked for you, well  kudos to you! That was not the product for me sadly.

The third product that I received was a highlighter from Pretty Vulgar. Not only is the packaging so cute but this product is so wonderful. It is very pigmented and the formula is so rich. It's not like those other chalky highlighters that don't have any pigmentation. If i ever finish this product; this is something I would most likely purchase. If you don't subscribe to Boxycharm I definitely, recommend you purchase this highlighter.

The last two products that I received was a face wash and a lipstick. The face wash from the beauty company called Farmacy was just perfect for me ; it has all natural ingredients and it is meant to be a gentle face wash. This is great for my sensitive skin. This product really worked for me and helped my skin glow. The last product that i received in the box was a lip duo from Trestique. This lip duo has a lip balm at the end that you can apply on before you put on the lipstick. This lipstick is a slightly dark shade of red so it is perfect for going out at night or for a date night.

February's box was definitely worth those $21, like most of the boxes that I have received from them. If you are contemplating on whether or not to subscribe to Boxycharm ; I hope that this review has helped you on making this decision. Personally i can say that subscribing to Boxycharm has been one of the best decisions I have made. If you are planning on expanding your beauty collection then Boxycharm is definitely for you!


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