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Changes - Justin Bieber (Review)

It’s been 5 long years since Justin Bieber dropped any music… Sometimes we need a small break in order to get ourselves together mentally and get right. That’s what Justin did. People may have known him as the annoying troubled pop-star who did drugs. He was genuinely lost - He was not himself… His last album was back in 2015, along with his world tour, now it’s 2020 and he’s back better now than ever!

Why is this album so different compared to others? Because it’s FINALLY an album that he wants to do! Since the very beginning, he says he always saw himself doing R&B, you can watch it via Twitter. If you listen to this album overall it’s not your typical pop, electronic type of music that he usually does. This album is more of a mixture of R&B and Hip-Hop. This is the type of album where you can chill, study in your room, or be laid up with your boo.

When you finish listening to all the songs, you can see how they all connect to each other. The album basically describes his love life with his wife, Hailey and how genuinely happy he is.

Here are his top 5 songs that are a VIBE:

All Around Me - Such a beautiful and meaningful song about how the love of your life can CHANGE your life… And how they are the ones you mostly need no matter what. Isn’t that beautiful to have someone there for you like that?

Habitual - This song talks about how someone’s love is habitual… How your partner's presence is your sacred and safe spot... It describes an unconditional love between you and your partner.

Intentions ft. Quavo - The music video itself was amazing overall. This song talks about how in love someone can be that their only intentions give their partner their love and to be committed to them. This songs also shows the amount of appreciation someone has in their partner.

Changes - Absolutely love this song! It talks about how it’s okay to go through changes in order to be the best for yourself and for your relationship with your partner.

Get Me ft Kehlani - This song talks about how people can judge you, misunderstand you but your partner is the only one who gets you and relates to you. Something about this song is so soothing because it is nice to have someone by your side that understands you.

Overall all of the songs in his album are amazing. This album compared to his last 5 albums have a different, mature, and unique flare that is suitable for everyone. You can now stream his album everywhere!


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