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Chase Atlantic Starts a New PHASE

In just five years, Alternative-Pop band, Chase Atlantic, has released five EPs and two albums. Commonly stated as beginning their musical journey in 2014, the Australian trio actually began prior to this, as a duo. The band’s lead vocalists, Mitchel Cave and Christian Anthony, started as a boy band by the name of ‘What About Tonight’. What About Tonight appeared on the fourth season of The X factor Australia.

Unfortunately, the band didn’t make it past the second week, coming in eleventh place, but I guess we have them to thank for the birth of C.A.. Clinton Cave, the older brother of Mitchel Cave and third member of Chase Atlantic, used youtube as his musical outlet pre-C.A.. His successful youtube channel was made up of cover songs by the brothers.

The three used this as their platform for a while under the name K.I.D.S. Which stands for 'Kind Imaginations. Destructive Decisions’. The channel has now been converted over into the official youtube of Chase Atlantic.

They were the first band signed to MDDN. MDDN is a management company owned by rock artists, Benji and Joel Madden; the Madden brothers are better known as the band Good Charlotte. In 2016, they signed to Warner Bros. before becoming independent artists again in the summer of 2018.

Skip forward to June 28, 2019, and the band has just released their second album, PHASES. An album released through BMG, a Germany-based international music company; along with promotion, recording, and production done by MDDN.

Standout tracks included “Angel”, “Phases", and “Love is (not) Easy”. While others like “No Rainbows” and “I Don’t Like Darkness” seemed to lag behind.

“Angel” talks about a person being a shining light in their life. It talks about wanting to have a late night talk with someone who they feel is an angel. It also talks about how life as a famous person is lonely. The pressures of life as a prominent person living in Los Angeles are starting to get to them: “I ain’t been doing too good lately. I’m losing signal in the hills, I’m having difficulties.” I loved that this song found a way to be heartfelt and still upbeat. The gradual build up from the songs smooth intro help to engage listeners.

“Phases” is my favorite of the album. I’m not sure if my love for this track stemmed from the excitement of wanting to hear the song that the album was named after or from the overall relatable message as a whole. My weakness for any music would definitely have to be good lyricism. This speaks on the relatable message of life being dealt with in phases. Especially as young individuals who are growing into who they are as people and finding their identity as an adult. “I feel like a child. I know it’s denial. I’m going through phases.”

“Love is (Not) Easy” is a song I believe everyone can agree with. We all know the trials and tribulations that come with loving another human being. Even loving our pets can become difficult. As losing any of these parts of our life can result in heartbreak.

Although, I think Chase Atlantic meant it in the more widely expected understanding of a person breaking your heart. This song had the most r&b feel to me, which I thought was interesting to see the different influences infiltrate the tracks of this group of artists.

Songs like “I Don’t Like Darkness” and “No Rainbows” seemed to lose me a bit. The slow beat of “No Rainbows” never seemed to catch on for me. The song did tie in to the overall theme of their social struggles as a band in L.A. gaining fame, but I would’ve loved it with another storyline; maybe flip the script and talk about the success of a love, even if that would only describe the first half of the relationship.

“I Don’t Like Darkness” was just a song who’s repetitive chorus just seemed as if it might become tiresome; It tells the story of dependency on both solitude and having that one special person around to lean on.

Nonetheless, the Album definitely represents a new chapter for the budding band. Band member Mitchel Cave describes how he feels about the band’s new work of art: “This album feels as though it is truly a work of astronomical measures, It’s the first time we were able to honestly and openly hone into something so monumentally special and raw without compromising even an inch of our integrity as artists. We’ve developed a completely new sound within a matter of months that has never been tapped into before. Chase Atlantic is now dwelling within a realm of its own; it’s both scarily isolating and blissfully euphoric at the same time. Welcome to a whole new era.”


  1. INTRO




  5. HER





  10. TOO LATE





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