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Christmas Gift Guide

Hello Pulp Fam, as we know Thanksgiving is over which means the Holly Jolly Season of Christmas is here. We know that it is also the season of gift giving, but with this also comes stress when you are trying to find the perfect gift to give. To make life easier for you I have made a list of great things to give as gifts. HAPPY HOLIDAYS.

HYDRO CELL WATER BOTTLE - AMAZON $14-24 Stainless steel water bottle comes with two different lids, and comes in various colors. Great gift for students. Also a great gift for anyone trying to ditch plastic water bottles. Lets save the Earth.

CROCS- Classic Lined Clogs $49.99 I call these shoes, furry crocs. They are comfortable and keep your feet warm, perfect for the fall and winter season and can be gifted to both men and women.

KEURIG MINI COFFEE MAKER- Target $49-89 This is the perfect gift for any coffee addict you know. Comes in three different colors.

VICTROLA BLUETOOTH RECORD PLAYER- Amazon $39-59 This is the perfect gift for any music lover, or anyone who likes cute vintage things. Its a portable suitcase and it plays vinyls or connects to your bluetooth enabled device. Comes in various colors and designs.

2020 PLANNER - Target $7.99- 19.99 A gift for people to plan ahead, perfect for students, office workers or anyone who likes to stay super organized

TILE KEY FINDER- Amazon $12.99-$22.99 This a neat gift for that one person who is always losing their keys, and spends about 30 minutes looking for them before they head out.

HIMALAYAN SALT LAMP- Walmart $10.99 Beautiful and unique gift for anyone.

SERTA HEATED BLANKET- Amazon $39.99 A great gift to insure someone stays warm during the cold season. Comes in various colors.

FUJIFILM INSTAX MINI CAMERA- Target $69.99 A gift to capture great times, instantly prints out mini pictures.

PERSONALIZED SPA GIFT SET- Etsy ( BlissHomeAndBody) $10.99 This Etsy Store lets you pick a combination between items like Bath salts, candles, lip balm, soap, bath bombs and lip scrubs. Everything is natural and organic. Also lets you personalize the labels to make it extra thoughtful.

STAR MAP- Etsy (BubuDesignBoutique) $16.99 A very romantic and out of the ordinary gift. Give them the gift of stars to always remember that one special night.


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