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Clear priorities in the New Year!

Sometimes we have to make tough choices in life that interfere with other important situations that are a priority too. We want to keep everything in our hands but at some point, our hands turn slippery and everything starts falling everywhere!

Since we start making decisions, we face different matters that don't go with the priorities that are on the top of our mind. We convince ourselves of thinking that we will have more time for those things, but the time to take action is now.

 For example, let's suppose that you have a scholarship for 2 different colleges: One of them is the local campus, the reviews are good and they provide a good service. You like it because you love to stay close to your family and friends and in the end, you're responsible for your success so why go anywhere else? The other one is a great option too! It's a very popular college in another state. Top professionals from different colleges go there to give lectures and everyone is talking about that place. People say that you can get a job while studying there and being well paid even before you graduate. Your family will be there for you always and you'll be able to keep in touch with your old friends while making friends in the new place, right?

There's no correct answer here because it always depends on your priorities and the things that are important to you. Both are great options but you have to choose the one that fills your needs and your emotional tank.

But how do we know what's better for us?

1 Make 2 lists: one with your priorities and another one for the things that you spend more time every week. It would open your eyes, sometimes we talk about how important our startup is but we rarely spend time on it.

2 Think about the future

It's important to know “what are my top priorities not only today but in the future”. This is what I would call “permanent priorities” because they will remain constant in your life for a long time. Maybe you'll realize that you give more than expected when it comes to work, but you have a puppy, a kid, a partner or your granny at home and even when you live together you rarely see them because every time your boss asks you to stay, you do it even when you don't need the money. If they are a priority, maybe it's time to say no to your boss (in a kind way!)

3 Organize your time with a calendar, it might sound repetitive, but in this way, we'll make sure to make room for everything. For example, your list goes like this:

1 Relationship

2 Startup

3 Family & close friends

4 9-5 Job (because I have to pay the bills while my startup gets popular!)

You can use the hours that you're not working to plan other things, but try not to fill the whole weekly calendar either. something like:


6 pm: dinner

7 pm-10 pm work on the start-up

10:30 pm Go to bed


6pm: dinner

7pm-10pm: free time :)

Why shouldn't you fill every single block of hours? Because in that way you still have a little bit of room for spontaneous plans! Maybe an unexpected date, or simply staying at home watching tv. It might sound weird but you can plan a date with your significant other (even if you live together) because sometimes if you don't plan it you get trapped in the routine waiting for the ideal spontaneous next date, you can change it!

4 Make sure that your goals, your priorities and your calendar are going in the same direction. It's easy to get distracted and when you realize you have spent many years of your life going nowhere. Maybe a monthly check would be a good idea to make sure that you're happy and spending your time on things that matter the most! 




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