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COVID-19 has infiltrated the White House

Two dozen individuals that work with the President or have attended White House or campaign events have tested positive for COVID-19.

On Friday Oct. 2 around 1 a.m. President Trump, 74, released a tweet announcing him and the First Lady tested positive for coronavirus.

Friday night, Trump was flown to Walter Reed Medical Center, out of extreme caution. After staying there for three days, Trump returned to the White House, now what’s being called a covid hotspot.

Trump was tested hours after it was announced that one of his top aides, Hope Hicks, tested positive for coronavirus on the morning of Oct. 1. Hicks was with Trump multiple times prior to her diagnoses.

Chris Christie also tested positive for coronavirus. Christie was around Trump on Sunday Sept. 27 during the debate preparation. This raises questions about the timeline of when Trump contracted the virus. Did Trump stand 8-10 feet away from Joe Biden during the Presidential Debate, knowing he’s possibly COVID-19 positive? When was the President’s last covid test?

On Saturday Sept. 26, Amy Coney Barrett’s SCOTUS announcement was held at the Rose Garden. Twelve individuals who were seen in attendance contracted the virus. Kellyanne Conway, Senator Mike Lee, Chris Christie and Senator Thom Tillis are some of those individuals.

After the announcement via Twitter, Joe Biden and wife, Jill, were tested and the results came back negative. Vice President Mike Pence has tested negative for the virus and is continuing to participate in the Vice Presidential Debate.

The White House is refusing to release any information regarding the dates of Trump’s past covid tests and their results. Results of these tests could help estimate when the President contracted the virus and who else may be at risk.


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