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COVID in Connecticut (OPINION)

Connecticut was shut down from March until June 17th, but still mandated masks to be worn in public areas. Stores can refuse to let you in if you do not have a mask on, social gatherings must be socially distanced, and there are still hours set in place so people won’t be out so late. So being that most people followed the rules and quarantined—when needed—the numbers gradually went down. However, it wasn’t noticed until twitter users noticed.

Ever since the tweet above went viral, people questioned who this little green state was. Some even joked about moving there and staying until the whole pandemic was over. Even though this was a joke, it became a reality as time went on.

Now it has come to a point where all you see are different state plates in Connecticut constantly. States like Massachusetts, New York, and even an Ohio plate are being spotted cruising around Fairfield County.

Since people from different states are coming to Connecticut to “stay safe”, the numbers are starting to change from being in the green to being in the yellow, which is not good for obvious reasons. This means the number of COVID cases are starting to rise again and even though it is not a lot, it can grow worse since the new school year is starting.


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