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Dear Class of 2020

I want to start off with saying congratulations! We made it through the all-nighters, boring study sessions, and almost impossible classes. While the coronavirus pandemic has halted anticipated ceremonies and celebrations, it does not take away our hard-earned degree. We experienced the long four years (or even five to six years), just like every other graduating class.

This year, I graduated from The University of Georgia with a Digital Marketing degree. It took me five years due to changing my major from Biology, so I was extremely excited to experience the UGA commencement and fireworks that everyone talks about. I know the exact feeling of disappointment and sadness when the news of graduation being cancelled was announced. Not only that, but I also felt guilt. Should I really be sad over a silly ceremony when there are people, globally, being affected by the coronavirus? People are extremely sick and hospitalized or are experiencing deaths of family and friends. I felt like I couldn’t be sad, but I realized that it is okay to be. Everyone is experiencing different hardships from this pandemic, and it made me realize that we are all in this together. We will all get through this together.

For now, we can only celebrate in the comfort of our homes with family and virtually with friends, or with an announcement of our amazing accomplishment on social media and LinkedIn. However, this does not mean we cannot celebrate our success in the future, when it is safe to. Graduation ceremonies, parties, and trips can wait. This pandemic is only temporary, and our degree is forever!

With love,


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