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Deshaun Watson Accepts New Contract Extension

Deshaun Watson is now the second highest paid quarterback in the NFL.

On Sept. 5 it was announced that Watson agreed to terms on a new contract extension worth $160 million over the next 4 years and will be paid $39 million per year. He will continue to be the starting quarterback for the Texans through 2025.

“As a child growing up in Georgia, it was always my dream to play in the NFL,” said Watson via a Twitter post. “Today, I couldn’t be more honored and humbled to sign a long-term deal in Houston.”

Watson was the twelfth pick by the Texans during the first round of the 2017 NFL Draft. He’s been playing with them ever since. “I promise to do everything I can to not only bring a championship to this great city but to also leave a legacy of helping positively impact on this community,” said Watson.

In a press conference after the contract extension Watson got emotional. Getting choked up, he voiced how much it meant to him that the Texans trust and believe in him as their quarterback.

On Thursday Sept. 10, the Houston Texans and the Kansas City Chiefs faced each other, kicking off the 2020 NFL season.

It was a battle between the two highest paid quarterbacks in the NFL. Patrick Mahomes, the Chiefs’ quarterback, is the first highest paid receiving $45 million per year.

The game ended in a victory for the Chiefs, winning 34-20. However, the players stood in solidarity and as equals. They interlocked arms side-by-side in a moment of silence dedicated to the ongoing fight for social justice and equality within our country.

This NFL season is going to look a little different this year. But those in the organization who are standing up and voicing their opinions on a cause that’s bigger than themselves is something we will continue to see.


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