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Destined For Greatness Interview with CEO Jamiya Fields

It was a pleasure interviewing the C.E.O of the brand Destined For Greatness and Brow Koture!

Ive known Jamiya for years and know that she means business! She designed a piece for me and I LOVED it. She’s a very humble, ambitious and consistent woman; I must say! It was a pleasure getting to know her business side and hearing about how she’d like to show young men and women that are college students as well, how to balance a business and school & staying focused .... she’s definitely Destined For Greatness~ youll learn what that means later in this article! I asked Ms. CEO a few things about her business and what it means to her! Enjoy!

Naja: Jamiya, so tell me..what motivated you at such a young age to become the business owner of Destined For Greatness? And Also, what made you start doing eyebrows (Brow Koture)?

Jamiya: What motivated me was the fact that I was working under someone, I didn’t feel like I was being payed what I deserved to be paid, working a regular 9-5 just wasn’t something I enjoyed doing on a daily bases so I started designing clothes, working a regular job just didn’t feel like it was enough. As far as doing eyebrow tinting, I just knew there wasn’t many people around MS doing it so I decided to start that and I think its great marketing and It was a great idea to bring it to my community.

Naja: YASS!! Ok so exactly ,What does Destined for Greatness mean to you, how did you come up with the name or idea?

Jamiya: The name came from my Favorite artist which is YFN LUCCI, and the name just really means that No matter what life throws at me I am destined to be great regardless and also I know that whatever God has for me is for me and I know that I will be great.

Naja: What are your long term goals for both the Brow Koture and your line?

Jamiya: I want several locations of beauty bars/clothing shops, I would love to see all college students wearing my clothes; I want them rocking the “NEW NEW SH##!”

Naja: Okay SIS!!! LOL! SO Jamiya my last question for you! And Im sure other young CEO's would want to know what to expect when trying to start off; what are some ups and downs with both businesses?

Jamiya: Well there are a lot of ups, but ill start with the downs first.. People around my area (MS) don’t always see your worth, and by staying in Mississippi you don’t necessarily have all of the resources you need and also being in college I really cant just give 100% all of the time! The Ups is that I am on my own time and I am doing what I love doing and I don’t feel like I’m always “working” , it's fast money and I feel like since I’ve been a business owner it has matured me in so many ways.

Naja: Okay Girly. So any advice you would want to give out to the audience?

Jamiya: YES! Being patient is very important, don’t expect things to always go like you want them to, ALWAYS be loyal to your business and be consistent and you’ll prosper!

Naja: Thank you soo soo much for taking the time to do this and Keep up the great work love!

It was a pleasure and I really do mean it, Ive watched her grow and I promise she is great! She has been to Boss meetings with THE JAYDA CHEAVES aka Amour Jayda on social media so she is “BOUT IT BOUT IT! Hope you all enjoyed this article!

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Instagram: @jamiya___


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