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Divisive Ugly Chunky Filas’ Determining Who Should Have Rights

For some ungodly reason, Chunky Filas have made a comeback leading many to wonder if people who wear them deserve rights.

The repulsive shoe has been trending this year, resulting in many individuals having to pick a side. The side chosen very well could determine who is seen as a rational human being.

This divisive shoe seemed to have died many years ago, as they should have. These Satanic shoes came back but deserve to be back in the garbage can.

While these shoes have become popular once again, a better spot for them would be on a list of what not to wear. There is absolutely no reason that anyone should even think about wearing these ugly shoes.

It is still up for debate about the decision for those who wear Chunky Filas to have rights. However, many believe that they should not as they have lost that privilege. It should be common knowledge by now that people who wear them do not deserve human rights.

If an individual were to leave the house with a pair of Chunky Filas without the intention of throwing them in a bonfire, they should lose every right known to mankind. Chunky Filas are on a level of their own, far worse than Crocs or the basic white Nike shoes that every dad seems to wear year after year.

To call Chunky Filas ugly is an understatement as whoever designed them should be thrown in jail to rot for all of eternity. People are protesting moderate problems like climate change and the right to life, but not the abomination that is Chunky Filas. This is what is wrong with the world today. No Logical person should accept these shoes being a part of today’s culture.


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