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Elizabeth Warren Clears Path for 2 Man Race

Sen. Elizabeth Warren dropped out of the 2020 presidential race on Thursday after a disappointing performance on Super Tuesday.

Warren was once the front runner for the Democratic nomination prior to Sen. Bernie Sanders surging ahead in the polls. Her campaign’s attempt to paint Sanders as a sexist that thinks a woman could not be president did not end up benefiting her hopes of becoming president.

The Democratic Party seemingly does not favor the idea of Warren being the first female president as two elderly white men are now the only candidates left in the race for the nomination that has a fighting chance. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard is still in the race but with only two delegates, she does not have much hope.

With Warren dropping out of the race, many believe Sanders will be the most likely beneficiary as Warren supporters could now elect to vote for Sanders. Warren’s policies are much more in line with that of Sanders’ than former Vice President Joe Biden’s. Sanders has a clear socialist agenda in mind with many policies mirroring Warren’s. Biden, on the other hand, is the moderate and has the backing of the Democratic National Committee (DNC), the media, and anyone who does not want the country run by a socialist.

Prior to dropping out, many thought Warren was being selfish by staying in the race when she did not have a great chance of winning the race, ultimately helping Biden by taking away votes from Sanders.

Warren made her case for president early, primarily based on her views of feminism and education. However, her campaign quickly fell to pieces when it was apparent that she was a habitual liar and her policies could not be clearly separated from that of Sanders. While a politician, Warren’s campaign showed that Americans are not willing to get behind a candidate who told lies that can easily be fact-checked in order to benefit politically.


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