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Entitled Ivy League Students Protesting Climate Change Get Arrested

Climate change protesters were arrested at Saturday's game between Harvard and Yale after their activism took to center field.

The protesters were demanding the universities divest their multi-million-dollar endowments from fossil fuels companies, as well as companies that hold Puerto Rican debt.

Of course, the protesters demands were not met as a result of the halftime event. In fact, the protesters even got arrested for their unnecessary shenanigans. Several dozen people were issued misdemeanor summonses for disorderly conduct.

One Harvard student says the disruption of the football field was "beautiful" as they saw protesters running onto the field. They believe that they will win the fight despite getting arrested and many opposing their protest.

On what was supposed to be a fun day to watch an exciting college football matchup between two Ivy League schools, turned into a place for entitled students to go all out on political activism.

The protest was staged for this game between Harvard and Yale for a particular reason. The Harvard-Yale rivalry game has been played since 1875, and organizers of the protest knew that alumni from all over the world, that climate change protesters claim is dying, would be tuning in. They knew that would have a large audience, so they saw this game as a perfect opportunity to stage a protest.

Democratic presidential candidates such as Sen. Elizabeth Warren support the protesters. Warren is in the process of catering to Democratic voters and promoting her political agenda, so her support should not be seen as a reason to side with the protesters.

With arrested protesters and frustration among viewers, it is safe to say that the protest did more harm than good. If anything, it showed that all protests are not protected and that they can result in arrests.

The protests did not end up forcing the universities to make changes, so the goal of the protesters likely went unaccomplished.


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