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Fashion Week Spring 2020

Fashion week is the best time of the year to grasp all the fashion Inspiration from shows and seeing brands get creative with their collections/clothing pieces. Whether you're into fashion or not, you have to admit some of the clothing put together for these shows are breath taking and extravagant. Here are some of the most top notch fashion shows for Spring fashion week that gave us something to talk about and trends to follow.


Even-though the Chanel fashion show was interrupted by a mysterious woman trying to make her way in the runway thinking no one will notice her while being escorted out by THE Gigi Hadid afterwards. The show still went on, and with a great selection of clothing. Some of these pieces are a bit on the pricey side, there's always a way to find similar items that could be around your budget. These are just some of my favorite styles from the show and hopefully this would give you some inspiration on how to style bright orange pants, or your multi patterned coat.


Riri is well known for her music, but lately she stopped making music to transform herself into a fashion business woman icon. The lingerie line "Savage" might be the new Victoria Secret, but BETTER. Rihanna made sure to make her fashion show extravagant, from casting models with different body shapes, skin tones and gender. Not only were these models showing out their best runway walk, but their best dance moves as well.

Rihanna has shown us the importance of making a brand diverse already with her cosmetic line, now she's showing us how extremely important is it is to include all types of stunning models in the runway for fashion week. This fashion show defiantly gave us something to talk about and something to look forward to for the next Fenty x Savage show.


"It's Versace not Versachee" - Donatella Versace

Versace came out with some elegant yet revealing pieces for their fashion show, some styles that can be reinvented with your own clothing at home or similar pieces at affordable stores. Not only did Versace have Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid walking the runway but they also had Jlo closing the show with her unforgettable walk in the bright green forest colored dress she wore for the Grammys 20 years ago!


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