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Felony charges & its impact on Voting rights in Florida

In Recent news in Florida, it has been reported that the U.S supreme court has passed a law that restricts the ability of felons to cast ballots at the polls. Because of this, thousands of people with past felony convictions in Florida will be ineligible to vote this month for primaries, and possibly in November for the presidential election.

The U.S supreme court did not explain their decision; however, this was in favor of Governor Ron DeSantis, who opposed lifting Florida’s lifetime ban on felon voting. After 2018’s ballot measure that allowed voting rights to most former felons, a law was passed that required people with felony convictions to pay outstanding court debts and fees before they could vote. However, this was appealed for the month, and will be reconsidered on a hearing held on August 18th, the same day as Florida’s primary.

The question is whether this law will be enforced officially in the near future, as there are as many as 85,000 former felons on voting rolls who may have outstanding legal obligations.

Down below I have attached a video of the history of voting rights for felons, and the challenges faced.


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