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Festival Lookbook: Shaky Beats 2019

My babes ♥

While I love attending festivals for the music and for the people, I also love them because of the fashion. I have always had an interest in fashion, and I am the type of girl who is down to dress up any time of day. However, dressing up for music festivals is my favorite. Festivals are judgement-free, and expressing yourself through clothes is encouraged. I have so much fun putting together different outfits and brainstorming makeup looks. For this particular lookbook, I am focusing on my outfits for Shaky Beats 2019. Shaky Beats was located at Central Park in Atlanta, Georgia on May 10th and May 11th. This is the festival’s fourth year!

Day One

For the first day, I was going for a “school girl baddie” vibe. I was actually inspired by one of my past looks from Shaky Beats 2017, except I wanted to make it even better. In addition, I am definitely a lot more confident since 2017 and wanted to show off a little more skin!

Inspo ♥

Hair: I have always wanted to do braids with added colored extensions and thought it was perfect for this look. Also, if you look closely, there’s butterfly clips in my hair. Thanks to my talented friend, Bonnie, for making this happen! Follow her on Instagram @bonniepearlcreations if you want to get your hair done and feel even more like a bad bitch.

My friends and I (Left) ♥

Makeup: For this look, I wanted to mainly focus on my outfit and didn’t do anything too crazy with my makeup. I did a basic brown smoky eye with a rose gold shimmer on my lids. Of course, I had to top off the look with two tear drops gems on my undereye. The main products I used were: Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam palette, Stila Glitter & Glow Liquid Eyeshadow in “Rose Gold Retro”, Fenty Gloss Bomb in “FU$$Y”, Anastasia Beverly Hills Aurora Glow Kit, and false lashes from Official Mink Lashes (in the style “Dreamer”).

Outfit: I really wanted to wear the Forever 21 cropped mesh shoulder top (Thanks to my good friend, Kathi, for letting me borrow it). I paired it with a black Victoria’s Secret bra and a tight-fitting plaid skirt to pull together the school girl vibes. The skirt is from Shein, and it was super clutch, because it’s super cheap. For accessories, I have a heart harness and knee high socks from Amazon! The shoes are black jelly platforms from Amazon too.

Day Two

For the second day, I was inspired by Ariana Grande’s outfit from her Coachella 2018 performance. I also never done lavender for a festival before. I love this outfit so much because I felt like such a princess.

Inspo ♥

Hair: I was actually planning on leaving my braids on for both days, but they were coming apart the next morning. I decided to undo them and was actually so happy with the results. My hair was left with beachy waves, and I accessorized with two lavender hairclips from Forever 21.

My girls and I (Middle) ♥

Makeup: For this outfit, I know I didn’t want a dramatic look, but I did want to play with a little bit of color. Using the Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina palette, I did a purple and pink half cut crease with two simple gems on both sides of my eyes. Other main products I used include Fenty Gloss Bomb in “FU$$Y”, Fenty Diamond Bomb highlighter in “How Many Carats?!”, and Official Mink Lashes in “Drama”.

Outfit: I am still so obsessed with this outfit! The mesh star-print top is from Shein (SUPER CHEAP!!!!) and paired underneath is a white bra from Victoria’s Secret. I accessorized with a silver rhinestone choker from Amazon (Amazon is clutch). The holographic platform boots are from Dolls Kill. Finally, the piece that this outfit revolves around is actually custom-made. The gorgeous, holographic lavender tutu is made by my best friend’s mom, Windola Benjamin-Addy. I bought all of the supplies from Fine Fabrics, and she made my Ariana Grande-inspired skirt come to life! I couldn’t be more in love with it.

Pink bag from ♥ Use code LIBRA for a discount!

What look do you prefer? The school girl baddie or the lavender fairy princess? Hopefully, I have inspired you for your festivals outfits. If you need more inspo, stay tuned for my next lookbook,

EDC Las Vegas edition!

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