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Finding the Perfect Skincare Product for your Skin Type

How long does it take for you to research the best skincare products out there that promises amazing results? Now, how many times do those products actually work for you? The best way to find out the perfect products for your skin is to first start analyze what skin type you have. By doing this, you would be able to find something that's best tailored towards your skincare needs. Down below I will be listing some amazing products for all skin types and how to figure out what type you have.

Oily Skin

You will notice you you have oily skin when you produce an irregular amount of oils daily on the surface of your face. This doesn't mean you should not use moisturizer, in fact you should think about moisturizing more often. Using a great moisturizer will reduce the production of oils. You'll also start to notice your skin getting oily after a couple of hours from cleansing your face. The T-zone area will be the first area to get oily; this is the part of your face that is made up of the forehead, nose, chin, and area circling the mouth as well as your cheeks. 

Below are some great products for oily skin types

Dry Skin Type

If you have dry skin you'll notice after cleansing that your face will most likely start to feel dehydrated and tight. If you examine your face in a magnifying mirror, you'll also notice some flaking. This can be prevented by investing in a hydrating moisturizer and an amazing cleanser.

Below are some great products for dry skin types

Normal/Combination Skin type

My skin type is Normal/Combination. You can tell by noticing some production of oils on the surface of your skin. You would still be able to have some dry areas, not too dry that you start having flaky texture.

Down below are some products I personally use on a daily bases


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