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Five Beneficial Foods for Your Skin

Why is this important?

Having a great skincare routine with multiple face washes and moisturizers is one of the steps to having fantastic skin, but we also must remember that it is just as important to watch out what we put in our bodies as to what we apply on our bodies. Substituting unhealthy fats with healthy fats will not only improve the radiance and glow on your skin, but this also helps with many other health benefits in your body.


Avocados don't only have to be used as a face mask; they are packed with vitamin C,E & K. They also include omega 3 fatty acids. Eating healthy fats improve your skin health, and let's not forget to mention that avocados are delicious to eat and creamy.


Walnuts are great to eat when you just want a small snack to munch on. The health benefits that these have to offer are nourishing fats that lock in moisture. If you have dry skin eating walnuts will help with producing natural oils from your skin. "These healthy fats may also reduce skin inflammation (read: fewer breakouts!) and play a role in protecting the skin against harmful UV rays," say Clarke and Jarosh

Sweet Potatoes

I love to eat sweet potatoes when I feel like my face is getting dull and when I want to enhance the radiance on my skin. This vegetable provides vitamin C which helps with tissue repair. This veggie comes in handy when you're trying to get rid of any acne scarring. The best way to eat sweet potatoes is baked. Adding any type of seasoning won't affect any of the causes.


This adds collagen into the skin. Including tomatoes into your diet will help you out in the long run. This will prevent fine lines and sagging as you get older. I usually like to slice up one tomato and make it part of my morning breakfast.


Eating broccoli daily will help with pigmentation of the skin and even out your skin tone. This veggie is enriched with Vitamin C; this will also prevent future wrinkles on the skin. Try to include steamed broccoli at your dinner table, this also makes a perfect side dish.


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