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Fun Date Ideas for $Free.99

Ever feel like you and your boo do the same thing over and over again? Feelings like these are normal and can easily be fixed by changing up your usual dating routine. We live an era where wining and dining is not your only option when it comes to entertaining a new potential bae. The best part is that all these forms of entertainment come at no extra cost to you. Here are a few ideas when you just can’t stand watching another rerun on Netflix:

Hike through Dollhead Trail:

I love living in Atlanta but I hate that all the dope hikes are more like an hour plus away in Northern Georgia so finding the Doll’s Head trail was exciting. The trail is a few miles away from Downtown Atlanta in Constitution Lakes Park and it’s a nice flat hike but with a twist. The area used to be an old brick factory but now its just trail with litter turned to art. The litter is composed of lots of old toys and debris that have reblossomed into funky art pieces . It could make for a nice morning hike or end of the day stroll with a loved one. The best part parking is free and the park has great scenic views for pictures.

The address: 1305 S River Industrial Blvd SE, Atlanta, GA 30315

Have a Photoshoot During a Street Art Tour

The wall art in atlanta is one of a kind and so much fun to search for. However I used to always feel stuck going to the same ones around the Beltline area. That is, until I found this neat website that provides different routes to take based on the murals you want to see. This is such a handy tool for people that don’t know the city well and want to maximize their time in Atlanta as much as possible by seeing as much as possible. This is a great idea not only with with your boo, but also with friends- that way you can maximize your photo pool. Below I attached pictures from the Pittsburgh neighborhood tour I took.

Picnic through Oakland Cemetery

The title might sound a bit morbid but it is actually quite a neat experience. The Oakland cemetery is considered one of Atlanta’s oldest parks. It hosts beautiful gardens and architecture. Strolling through the cemetery makes one feel like they’re traveling to a different time.The best part is that there are multiple benches scattered throughout as well as a gazebo which provides comfortable enough seating to picnic.

The address:

248 Oakland Ave SE, Atlanta, GA 30312


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